7 best speakeasy in Buenos Aires

mejores speakeasy de buenos aires

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Before getting to know the best speakeasy in Buenos Aires it is important that you know exactly what a speakeasy is. It’s a hidden bar where it was possible to drink alcohol during Prohibition, sounds exciting! Today, speakeasy are still camouflaged in the streets of the city and if we don’t tell you where the speakeasy are in Buenos Aires, you still won’t find them!

There is no complete tour in Buenos Aires city without knowing at least one speakeasy. For that reason and because you are looking forward more after the gaucha party in Santa Susana, we present you a list of the 7 best speakeasy in Buenos Aires so that you can rest from yerba mate infusions. You won’t be able to complain, huh?

Nicky Harrison

Of course, there is no doubt: Nicky Harrison speakeasy is the preferred one. Not anyone can access it, remember that it is a clandestine place (wink). You can only get an invitation by recommendation from other customers, but don’t panic, you can always dine in their restaurant and ask the service to show you the wine cellar, maximum discretion!

Speakeasy Buenos Aires Nicky Harrison


This second Buenos Aires speakeasy is easier to access, they publish the password in their Facebook account! You will think that then it will not be so worthwhile, but you are totally wrong. When you arrive you will have to tell the doorman who will give you a number. By dialing the number password in the phone booth you will be able to access the luxurious room set in the 1920s. Is this a film set?

Franks speakeasy Buenos Aires

Floreria Atlántico

You would never imagine it! This speakeasy is inspired by the immigrant bars in Buenos Aires. It’s an intimate place accessed through a refrigerated door, but you don’t need to bring your coat. There’s no better way to warm you up than with the international cocktails on the menu – you won’t know which one to choose!

alcohol bottles speakeasy Buenos Aires

Victoria Brown

It is one of the largest speakeasy in Buenos Aires and its decoration is inspired by the Victorian era, hence its clear name. Look carefully or you will miss it! This speakeasy is accessed through a tiny café, but wasn’t it one of the biggest? That’s right, that’s right, we don’t fool you. Behind a fake brick wall, there is a giant speakeasy – the party begins!

Victoria Brown speakeasy Buenos Aires


It was one of the first speakeasy in Buenos Aires and its decoration is austere. It is basically a very large house hidden behind a big wooden door. Today it is very well known, but in its day it was very well hidden. We recommend you to taste its beers and whiskies, unique!

Cocktail speakeasy


It is the newest speakeasy in the city of Buenos Aires and although it is well hidden, it is easily recognizable by the long line to enter that there is on most occasions. The most original thing is that its entrance seems to be a subway station. Every week different DJs liven up the atmosphere, the rhythm doesn’t stop!

Entrance to Uptown speakeasy Buenos Aires

La Calle Bar

This speakeasy is hidden behind a pizzeria, La Guitarrita. It is characterized by its urban decoration that simulates a paved street with brick walls. It has a wide variety of signature drinks, beers, and music. A complete plan? Order a pizza!

La Calle Bar speakeasy Buenos Aires

Visiting a speakeasy or taking a route through several of them (we know you like the idea) is very, very recommendable. Who doesn’t like discovering secret passages? And if on top of that the reward is a delicious cocktail, there is nothing else to add. You have the opportunity to feel more rebellious than ever, but don’t worry, the police won’t be after you! Do you dare to take the whole route?


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