Impressive lagoons you can find in Bolivia

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From the beautiful city of Sucre to the white desert of Uyuni passing through the innumerable and impressive lagoons that you can find in Bolivia. You will love every corner of this country because it is one of the most diverse and fascinating countries in South America.

So if you are thinking about what to see in Bolivia, you can’t miss all the beautiful lagoons that are hidden throughout the country. Here we tell you a little more about them, don’t miss it!

Altiplanic Lagoons

The most incredible lagoons in Bolivia are located in the Andean Altiplano almost on the border with Chile and within the Eduardo Avaroa National Andean Fauna Reserve. That is why they are called altiplano lagoons, although they are also known as the coloured lagoons.

To visit them you can start the tour from Uyuni, making an excursion to the Salar de Uyuni. This way you will not be able to miss either another of the biggest attractions of the country during your trip through Bolivia.

Some of the lagoons of Bolivia are:

Colorada Lagoon

The Laguna Colorada is probably one of the best-known lagoons in Bolivia. The reddish colouration of its waters due to some types of algae is striking, that is why it is also known as the Red Lagoon.

It is a breeding place for Andean flamingos and of the six species that exist in the world, three live in this lagoon. It is a beautiful image!

Red Lagoon Bolivia

Honda Lagoon

The Honda lagoon, as its name indicates, is one of the deepest lagoons of the Altiplano group.

The colour of its light blue water contrasts with the earthy colours around it creating a unique landscape.

Honda lagoon Bolivia

Hedionda Lagoon

The mineralised waters of the Hedionda Lagoon emanate a strong smell of sulphur, which is why they are named after it. And it is home to some birds such as the James flamingo.

Furthermore, a curious fact is that in the same Department of Potosí, there are two lakes with the same name, one to the north and the other to the south, we will tell you about the latter.

Hedionda Lagoon Bolivia

Cañapa Lagoon

Very close to the Hedionda Lagoon is the Cañapa Lagoon surrounded by the Cequeña, Tapaquillcha and Cañapa volcanoes to which it owes its name.

Its waters are a blue-green colour and are surrounded by Andean flora. What makes it different is that it is mostly formed by the salt crust.

Cañapa Lagoon

Green Lagoon

The Laguna Verde, which owes its colour to the high magnesium content, reflects the Licancabur volcano in its waters. On its shores, you can see black volcanic stones, salt rocks and rocks of coral origin.

It is advisable to climb the volcano to see the great lagoon from above and also to be able to visit some small Inca ruins and the crater.

Green Lagoon Bolivia

White Lagoon

The Laguna Blanca also owes its colour to the minerals in its waters. It was part of the green lagoon to which it is still connected by a narrow channel.

It is located at the foot of the Juriques volcano, very close to the Licancabur and it is common to see birds in its waters.

White Lagoon Bolivia

Now you know the impressive Bolivian lagoons that are hidden in the Bolivian Andean highlands. It’s time to get your camera ready and discover them. Have you ever heard of any of them?


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