Do you know about the Atacama Desert bloom? We tell you where and when to see it

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Can you think of more impressive things than seeing a desert full of colorful flowers? This is what happens in the Atacama Desert during the spring of some years.

Today we tell you when and where to see the Atacama Desert bloom.

When the flowering desert occurs

This phenomenon, known as the flowering desert, occurs in seasons when it has rained a lot.

Remember that the Atacama Desert is one of the driest in the world, so it is not normal that it rains here.

April and May are the most important months for this effect to occur. If during this season it rains enough, the seeds will start to germinate.

It is curious how many people program their trip and activities in San Pedro de Atacama depending on whether it has rained during the appropriate dates.

When to see the desert in bloom

Although important rains must have occurred in the southern autumn months, the germination process will take a few weeks.

According to the seasons in Latin America, the best time to see it is at the end of September and October, although there have been years in which it has also been possible to see it in November.

If you have thought about visiting all the Atacama Desert and you want to see this phenomenon, these dates are the most recommended.

atacama desert bloom

But you have to keep in mind that not every year this phenomenon appears. 2015 and 2017 were the last years in which you could see the desert in bloom. So don’t forget to check that it has rained enough to book your trip.

Where to see the Atacama desert bloom

Although the Atacama Desert can be seen in its proper time the flowering of the desert, there are certain points where it is more spectacular.

Flowering desert in Pan de Azucar

Normally, the phenomenon is more intense in the coastal area of the Atacama Region, near the Pacific Ocean, where the humidity in the air is greater.

The Pan de Azucar Natural Park is located in the north of the city of Copiapó. It is a National Park limited on one side by the Pan-American Highway and on the other side by the Pacific Ocean.

This place is also commonly known for the cactus species that can only be found in this natural park.

The proximity to the ocean means that there is adequate humidity for the seeds of the desert to flourish especially, creating this spectacular landscape.

flowers in desert chile

This is another natural park located in Chile. In this case, it is located below the city of Copiapó.

Llanos de Challe is characterized by its coastal desert ecosystem, where the flora species Garra de León stands out.

As in Pan de Azúcar, the phenomenon of the flowery desert is especially incredible. With the flowering of the area, insects increase in the flowers, and with them, a whole chain of exotic animals that change the desert landscape of the area.

Have you also fallen in love with the phenomenon of the Atacama Desert bloom? We are already looking forward to booking our trip to the Atacama Desert.

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