Winter W Trek in Puerto Natales

w trek in winter

If you are looking for an adventure to Puerto Natales on a Winter W trek, you should highly consider the new five-day Winter W trek. It offers many opportunities to explore and see the beauty of Puerto Natales. There are many things to see while in Puerto Natales and this trek offers you some of the most beautiful and magical sites.

Important things to note if you adventure on a Winter W Trek:

  • This trek takes place in one the most “harsh” times of the year… the winter. In the winter the temperature is around 7°C (45°F) but can be lower, so to be able to navigate through the harsh winter this trek provides a guide.
  • Most nights you will sleep in a tent on the campsite. This will give you a truly amazing experience because you can enjoy the impressive views of the Massif while eating dinner.

family in torres del paine

Where you will go:

On this Winter W trek, you will see many parts of the Patagonia like

  • Puerto Natales and you will end up in Paine Grande
  • Cerro Paine Grande to see the Grey Glacier
  • Lake Nordenskjöld
  • Paine Grande Sector
  • Hills of Paine Grande, Catedral, Máscara, Aleta de Tiburón, Espada and Cuerno Norte.
  • Cuernos del Paine and Cerro Almirante Nieto

What is the Grey glacier of Puerto Natales?

The grey glaciers, as known as “Mirador Grey”, is one of the most majestic parts of southern Patagonia. Its beauty will captivate you with its size of 270 square kilometers and colors of blues and greys. This site is considered the most iconic of the Puerto Natales and all of Southern America. This trek will take about seven to eight hours to get to the glaciers, but it will be well worth it for the views alone.

grey glacier with snowy

We want our travelers to live the experience of contemplating and even walking over this incredible glacier. Howlanders offers an array of trips of the Winter W trek for all types of trekkers:

Are you thinking about visiting Puerto Natales? Look more into this amazing trek here. This adventure to Puerto Natales is one you do not want to miss! We hope you feel motivated and visit this beautiful site!


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