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refugio dickson torres del paine

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Dickson is one of the smallest lodges in Torres del Paine, but it has spectacular views of the southern Ice Field and the Dickson Glacier. You will only stay here if you do the O Circuit and it will be the second campsite/refuge. It is located 19 km from Camping Serón by a route that will take you 6 hours, without difficulty. In addition to the lodging areas for travelers, you will find CONAF constructions, which are located in the same area. In this article I will tell you what the Refugio Dickson is like and everything you will find there.

refugio dickson map torres del paine

Capacity and layout of the Refugio Dickson

The Refugio Dickson has a capacity for less than 30 people. Then, the rooms have different capacities and are distributed on the second floor. For the beds, they have sheets and comforters.

On the other hand, on the first floor you will find the small reception for check-in. Also the kitchen, the dining room with 3 tables and benches and the wood stove. There are 2 bathrooms and 2 showers with hot water for men and the same for women, where you will find hand soap and toilet paper dispenser.

bathroom refugio dickson

room dining room

dining room refugio dickson

Meals and schedules

At the Refugio Dickson, dinner is served around 7 pm. It includes a hot spoon dish, a salad to share with the rest of the table, a main course with garnish and a delicious homemade dessert.

Breakfast is served at 7.30 am. It consists of yogurt, a bowl of oat flakes, instant coffee, milk, toast with butter and jam, cheese, sliced sausage and scrambled eggs. Vegetarian, vegan and celiac options are available, with prior notice.

Camping areas

This refuge has two camping areas with capacity for 100 people. One of the areas is for those who bring their own tent. And the other has the campsite’s own tents already set up, with mats (tatami type) and sleeping bag resistant to low temperatures.

camping area refugio dickson

Campers’ area

In the campers’ area, there is a building with different spaces. Check-in is done in the grocery store, where they sell essential hygiene and food items.

grocery store refugio dickson

This area also has hot showers and toilets, in which there is no gel or shampoo, but there is toilet paper. Finally, there is a kitchen-dining room with several long tables with benches and a sink.

kitchen camper area refugio dickson

💡 Extra info: you can refill your water bottles in the bathrooms themselves or in the kitchen. It does not have Wi-fi, as it is an isolated area. In fact, bringing supplies to the refuge is an odyssey since they have to transport everything by land, cross a lagoon by boat, etc.

Our opinion of the Refugio Dickson

In our opinion, the Refugio Dickson is very cozy, not only for its size and the friendliness of the staff, but also for its location in a remote area. In addition, it is a few meters from a glacier beach with incredible views of the Dickson Glacier, from which it takes its name, and that you can not miss if you stay there.

views of dickson glacier

We could say that this is one of the areas that we like the most of all those you find along Torres del Paine.

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