The weather in the Lost City: When is it best to go?

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We are sure that if you have reached this post, it is because you have decided to visit one of the most beautiful hidden treasures of the planet, the Lost City of Colombia.

So, now you just need to choose the best date for your trip. We tell you what is the best time to go to the Lost City of Colombia. So you can make the right choice for your adventure.

The seasons in Colombia

Although the season of your trip to the Lost City of Colombia will be important, you should know that in general terms, in Colombia there are no seasons but rather dry periods and rainy periods.

This is because it is very close to the equator and temperatures vary very little during the year. The only climate change that really varies seasonally is the amount of rainfall that occurs.

lost city of santa marta in a sunny day

Having said all this, the dry season in Colombia usually lasts from December to March, and from June to August, coinciding with summer and winter according to the seasons of the year in Latin America.

On the other hand, the rainy season normally occurs in April and May, and from September to November, with periods of generally heavy rainfall.

Best time to go to the Lost City in Colombia

As you might think, our recommendation is that, if possible, avoid the rainy season.

Our advice is that, if you have availability, the best months to visit the Lost City of Colombia are: June, July, August, December, January and February.

They will be the months in which it tends to rain the least of the whole year, and doing the trekking to the Lost City in 5 days, it will be much lighter to get to the top of this hidden city if it is raining.

stairs in the nature with access to lost city

In addition, there is a month in which the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is not accessible. In September, the indigenous tribes of the Lost City make a cleansing ritual to the mountain. After a whole year of constant travelers, we understand that they have a lot of cleaning to do…

Despite all this, the truth is that any season is a good time to visit the Lost City. Only during the rainy season, you will have a little more complicated access and with harder weather conditions. But that’s nothing an adventurer like you can’t overcome!

Would you like to visit the Lost City of Colombia? Is for you the dry season the best time to go to the Lost City? Or do you like it better when the weather is more complicated?

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