What is it like to visit Colombia’s Lost City during the COVID pandemic?

lost city pandemic

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Thinking about making Colombia’s Lost City one of your first destinations after the COVID-19 pandemic? Do you have doubts about whether it will be a safe experience for your health?

There’s nothing to worry about. Read on to learn about all the measures that have been put in place to make visiting the Lost City after the pandemic a totally safe activity, following the established protocols.

Lost City and the pandemic

Like all other places in the world, Colombia, and in this case, the Lost City, have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic since early 2020.

Little by little, everything is returning to normal, and with this, the possibility of trekking to the Lost City of Colombia has been reopened.

views of the lost city of santa marta marta in sunny weather

But following a series of measures to try to make this tour in Santa Marta a safe place.

Safety measures in the tour to the Lost City

As you are going to be able to see, these are quite widespread measures for the fight against COVID. Despite this, we want to mention the main guidelines to follow during your excursion to the Lost City.

Negative test against COVID

As a first rule and one of the most important at this point, we will need a negative COVID test maximum of 72 hours before the start of the trek.

This will be essential if you want to discover the mythical El Dorado, the Lost City of Colombia, as without this we will not be able to allow you to board the vehicle and start the tour.

Besides, this rule is also quite widespread when traveling, so if you decide to visit this country and visit all the must-sees in Colombia, you will most likely need one of these tests.

Interacting with the locals

We know that one of the best aspects of this type of experience is living with the local population. But as you can understand, at this time we want to be as concerned as possible about the safety of the indigenous people living in Lost City.

indian kogui tribe in sierra nevada

This is why it is currently prohibited to give food to communities or exchange things with them.

Yes, you will interact with them, but always keeping a cautious distance of more than 2 meters.

Use of a mask

In case you were in doubt as to whether this accessory was essential or not in Colombia, you should know that it is mandatory. In case you do not want to use the mask, access will be immediately denied.

mask in the Lost City trek

Also, you should always wear it at all times during your trek.

Temperature taking

Another of the measures that have spread throughout the world to prevent COVID is taking your temperature. As a general rule, you will have a temperature take before boarding the vehicle leading up to the start of the climb to the Lost City.

Anyone with a temperature equal to or above 38 degrees Celsius will not be allowed to continue with your excursion.

Hand and shoe disinfection

Before entering, you will apply gel or alcohol on your hands and you must disinfect your shoes.

We also recommend that you bring your own bottle of hydroalcoholic gel so that you can use it during the tour.

gel hidroalcoholic hand sanitizer for the trekking to the lost city of colombia

Luggage disinfection

To load your luggage onto the vehicle that will take you to the Lost City of Colombia, you must disinfect your suitcase before boarding.

The drivers will also provide you with a black bag in which you must put your luggage to avoid any cross-contamination.

Maximum capacity

Both at the time of the tour and during the trip from Santa Marta to the start of the trek, the maximum capacity has been limited.

This is why the number of travelers in open places should not exceed a range between 30% and 50% of the maximum permitted capacity.

As for the vehicle, it shall be occupied up to 50% of the capacity. The accommodation inside the vehicle is made leaving at least one-meter distance between each passenger, to maintain the safety distance.

As you can see, these are necessary measures that do not prevent you from enjoying the tour as “normally” as possible. You can live the experience in Lost City while taking care of our health and everyone else’s, and that is great news :). Now that you know what the rules are for visiting the Lost City during the pandemic, have you already started to pack your backpack?

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