Traditional Colombian dishes: The best for us

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If you are planning to visit Colombia, the country of a thousand rhythms, you should get to know its great variety of food and dishes. And there is nothing better than enjoying the different flavors offered by each of its regions. Still don’t know about the traditional Colombian dishes?

To live the adventure we must recharge our batteries. Each typical food of Colombia incorporates different cultures, being rice, corn, and seafood its star ingredients. Do you dare to try any of the traditional Colombian food?

Colombian arepas

Who doesn’t know about Colombian arepas? This typical Colombian meal is recognized worldwide for how delicious and different it can be. They are made with corn flour and cooked on the grill. In each region, there are distinct ways of eating them. The simplest one is with just butter and then you can enjoy it with meat and vegetables. Our favorite is with cheese, it sounds delicious, isn’t it?

Atollado rice

Some culinary experts say that in Colombia rice is more relevant than corn and this food corroborates it. Arroz atollado is a traditional dish from Valle del Cauca and is made with chicken, pork or beef, potato, onion, peppers and, obviously, rice!

This delicacy emerged in the early twentieth century by the hand of the sugar cane cutters and peasants of the farms. At that time it was only cooked with pork and duck.

Bandeja paisa

The bandeja paisa is cooked at the very least withpork rind, avocado, blood sausage, patacón(slice of fried banana) y chorizo. Nothing is missing, it is the perfect dish for having energy after the Lost City Trek 4 days tour.

It is said that its origin is in a roadside hotel back in the ’60s, mixing the bean lunch with various meat.

Bandeja paisa


Picada is the typical Colombian dish for important days and to share with your family and friends. It is consisting of all kinds of meats: chicken, sausage, pork, beef… And is usually accompanied by corn on the cob, arepas, patacones and papas. Finally, the famous Colombian coffee is a must. What a feast of energy!

Fried Snapper and Coconut Rice

Fried Snapper and Coconut Rice is a food consisting of snapper (a type of fish), coconut rice and patacon.

This typical Colombian Caribbean dish is simple and easy to find in any place, so don’t leave without trying it! We tried it on our 2-day trip in Cartagena de Indias.

Fried Snapper and Coconut Rice


Sancochos and cocidos are synonymous. There are several types of Colombian sanconchos. On the one hand the cundiboyacense and on the other hand, the one from the Caribbean coast. The last one is composed of coconut milk, fish, yucca and ñame.

p>But these are not the only options, when we went we found ourselves in front of a huge soup that carries the following ingredients:

  • Green plantain
  • Corn
  • Yucca
  • Cuy
  • Chicken
  • Meat
  • Rice
  • Avocado
  • Arracha

If you have read our post about the most exotic foods of Latin America, surely some of these ingredients already ring a bell 😉 It is a great opportunity to get to fly your imagination!

Sweaty chorizo

Continuing with traditional Colombian food, boiled chorizos or sweaty can’t be missed. It is a simple dish that combines very well with rice, yucca and boiled potato.

Now that you know a little bit more about traditional Colombian dishes I am sure your mouth is watering. There is only one solution! Pack your backpack and prepare your trip. Well, ok, you could try to cook these recipes yourself… but, is there anything better than trying the local gastronomy in the exact same place?;)


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