The best time to visit Costa Rica

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What is the best time to visit Costa Rica? What to visit? Whenever we plan a trip we ask ourselves a thousand questions that need answers. Reflecting on a topic is a good sign, the trip can only get better.

That’s why we tell you which is the best time to visit Costa Rica depending on what places you want to discover and the activities you’re looking forward to.

The seasons in Costa Rica

This amazing country manages to maintain the characteristic green color because of the tropical climate. That is, it only has two seasons very marked: the dry and the wet.

These periods are differentiated mainly by the amount of rain, since the temperature does not vary much throughout the year. The explanation is simple, Costa Rica is located near the equator line.

So, when is the dry period? Well, this period usually lasts from December to April, where rainfall is occasional.

On the other hand, the wet season or rainy season is from May to November and the end of June the Veranillo de San Juan occurs.

This means that for a few days there is no rain and temperatures are pleasant, it feels like summer again! Also, by the end of November the dry conditions start to be felt and there is less rain.

Best time to visit Costa Rica

After this information, you will guess what our recommendation is. The dry season is the best time to visit this country.

If you want to enjoy the beaches and rainforests of Costa Rica, the best time to do so is in the months of December, January, February,March and April. You will enjoy a Corcovado National Park Tour more without walking in mud, don’t you think?

During these months there is almost no rain and you can do different activities to discover nature a little closer, such as Cano Island snorkeling or diving.

Snorkeling in Cano Island with a turtle

If you have already read our post about the fun facts about Costa Rica, you will know that 6% of the world’s biodiversity is in this country, so enjoying the nature of the area is worth it.

Yellow-breasted toucan Corcovado Park

After all, one thing is clear, Costa Rica is a natural paradise worth discovering and you can do it all year round.

However, as we have already mentioned, we recommend you to go in dry season (December-April), so you avoid so much tropical rain. But if what you like is adventure and harsher weather conditions, you can always dare to go in the wet season

There’s always some rain haters, but they sure love the scenery and the spectacular nature it nurtures 🙂

When is your best time to visit Costa Rica?


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