Rules of Isla del Cano that you must comply

rules of isla del cano

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If you are thinking about traveling to Costa Rica you can’t miss your visit to this peculiar island. But to be respectful of its natural environment you must take into account the rules of Isla del Cano

isla del cano

This small island was declared in 1978 as a national park and protected natural area. It is not inhabited but it does receive visitors commonly, thanks to its natural attraction and its beaches. Below we explain what rules of Isla del Cano you should follow to make your visit safe.

Recreational diving only in marked areas

That’s right, although diving in Isla del Caño is one of the most outstanding activities, it can only be done in certain areas.

Its varied fauna is protected, and natural sites require important conservation. That is why there are some areas marked by buoys where you can dive, so as not to alter the rest of the spaces.

Fishing is prohibited

Caño Island stands out for its fauna and aquatic flora. In order to fully enjoy activities such as diving or snorkeling dives, it is necessary that the areas are perfectly delimited and preserved.

fishes in isla del cano

As it is a natural reserve it is evident that fishing activities are prohibited. It is necessary to preserve the fauna in good condition. In such a way when you visit the island you will be able to fully enjoy its marine life.

Walking in the marked areas

Did you know that the island can only accommodate 200 visitors a day? In order to preserve it, visits are limited in number and “space”

This is why you can only walk through the areas set aside for public use. In addition, any type of visit must be accompanied by a certified guide.

Disturbing the environment is prohibited

No campfires, littering, or feeding of terrestrial or aquatic animals is allowed. In order to properly preserve this area it is necessary to keep everything as undisturbed as possible.

rules of isla del cano

For this purpose the rangers make sure that everyone complies with the rules. Whoever breaks this rule or any of the above-mentioned rules could be expelled from the island.

Would you be able to comply with all these rules of Isla del Cano? Do you think they are reasonable?

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