Caño Island diving: the 5 best dive sites in Costa Rica

Caño Island diving

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Costa Rica is known to be one of the Latin America’s most biodiverse countries and Caño Island is one of the best diving spots. So, if you are passionate about nature and adventure, visiting the Costa Rican territory and Caño Island diving, should be on your list of dreams to fulfill.

Today we tell you which are the areas where to dive in this underwater paradise. Its fascinating corals, caves and marine fauna will leave you in awe. In our Caño Island Diving Tour you will discover, during the two dives, more than 60 marine species with a visibility of more than 24 meters.


The shark cave

Scuba diving in Caño Island, Costa Rica, is quite an adventure. From seahorses to whales and sharks, this paradise has it all! In the shark cave you will find this creature and swim close enough to see them. This dive you can do regardless of your level and we assure you that it is exciting.

Diving in El Arco

In this area of Cano Island diving, you will swim close to the rock arches and see schools of impressive fish. You will be able to discover the marine life of this wonderful place. If you are a little afraid of getting lost, don’t worry! In any tour you take there is always a guide, besides, this area is for all levels.

Fish school in Isla del Caño waters

El Anchor

Another area to dive in Isla del Caño is “El Ancla”, you will not go below 17 meters and you can discover its marine depths without being an expert in the world of diving 😉 . You will find endemic animals such as white tip sharks, pargos and rock scorpion fish that are well camouflaged.

Do you dare with the adventure? If it’s your first time, you don’t have to worry, you’ll be well accompanied by Costa Rican minnows and a good guide.

Scuba diving in the Barco area

If you are looking for adrenaline, being 21 meters underwater is always a good option 🙂 We introduce you to the “El Barco” area, also known as “El Sharko”. This diving area in Isla del Caño has no difficulty and you will see giant manta rays, white tip sharks and turtles.

Turtle on Caño Island reef

The garden

In this dive area of Caño Island you will dive to about 10 meters maximum and enjoy the largest area of hard corals. In this immense reef you will find different fish and endemic animals that will end up being your best friends 🙂 . In short, diving in El Jardin gives you an infinite calmness.

Fish in Caño Island reef

So, after knowing all this information, which diving area in Caño Island will you discover first? Do you dare to swim near sharks?


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  1. Hello there,
    We are planning to visit the area and dive Cano island around mid May for about 6-7 days of diving.
    Do you have a package with accomodation and diving? We are both advanced with 50+ dives.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Katharina! How nice! Costa Rica is amazing. We don’t currently have a package that includes lodging and diving, but you can dive with us on a day trip to Caño Island, one of the best places in the world to dive. Here is the link 👉🏽

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