Where to surf in Costa Rica, the best beaches

where to surf in costa rica

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If you are thinking about traveling to Costa Rica between the Cano Island Diving and your Corcovado National Park tour you can’t miss some surfing. In this post we show you where to surf in Costa Rica.

where to surf in costa rica

In this post we show you some of the best beaches where you can surf. In Costa Rica, a safe country for traveling with COVID measures and with incredible waves, which will blow your mind.

Salsa Brava

Beware, we’re not talking about the sauce that accompanies the traditional Spanish food. This area is so named because of the powerfulness of its waves.

In this reef the waves are deep, very fast and have a high power. It is a key spot for expert surfers with no fear of anything.

Tamarindo Beach

It is an ideal beach for those who are learning. Being one of the main tourist attractions in northern Costa Rica it has several surfcamps for beginners.

aerial view of Tamarindo

Although it used to be a fishing and artisan village, nowadays (and thanks to its privileged location) it has become a key visit.

Jaco Beach

This beach is also one of the most popular in the country. It is located less than two hours from the capital and has a wide range of offerings for tourists, from parties and activities to surfing lessons.

Its waters are rather calm, so it’s good place to learn from 0 and take the “first steps” on the board.

Avellanas Beach

Now we are really getting close to the real waves. This beach is one of the most crowded by expert surfers. It stands out for its white sand and turquoise water.

view of Avellanas Beach

Today it is scenario of several competitions, due to its strong waves and its location in the northern state of Guanacaste.

Pavones Beach

And for the absolute experts we have Pavones beach. It boasts of being “the best surfing beach in Costa Rica”, but beware, its waves are extremely powerful.

Did you know that it gives its name to a mythical wave? The Pavones wave is a tropical wave known for its difficulty to surf it, and for being one of the “longest in the world.”

Now that you know where to surf in Costa Rica? Would you dare with these beaches? To what extent do you see yourself able to go into its waters?

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