Can I travel to Costa Rica right now? COVID situation & Travel restrictions [July 2021]

costa rica travel restrictions

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You feel like you can’t wait another minute to travel to Costa Rica and we know it’s because you haven’t stopped seeing photos of the country on your Instagram and because of your traveling spirit that never forgets ;). Today we tell you the Costa Rica travel restrictions so you can be updated on your next trip.

We already told you that Costa Rica is one of the places that you can visit and do activities such as the tour to Corcovado National Park or diving in Caño Island. And is that Costa Rica is known as the country of green and pure life (nature and joy), nothing can go wrong.

Diving in Caño Island

Covid’s current situation in Costa Rica

In a nutshell, the situation seems to be improving and the number of cases is decreasing. The new normal has been incorporated into the routine life of Costa Rica and visiting travelers.

Like the rest of the countries in the world, the Costa Rican government has decided to seek solutions and measures to improve the situation so that we can travel again to Costa Rica as soon as possible. For this very reason, this country increases its tourist occupancy by 20% weekly from December (2020).

“Safe Travels”

Today perhaps the most famous stamp worldwide is the “Safe travels” stamp, and no wonder. It is the first to be based on safety and hygiene for travel and tourism, as well as being a guarantee for travelers to visit a safe place and that it complies with the necessary measures for the prevention of coronavirus.

In relation to Costa Rica’s situation with Covid-19, this country obtains the seal that accredits it as a safe destination, which complies with the appropriate protocols for travel in this context. It can be said that we are facing a paradise for travelers in times of pandemic 🙂

 Safe Travels Costa Rica stamp

Our Howlanders adventure in Costa Rica visiting the Corcovado National Reserve is a clear example of happy and safe travel. You don’t have to be afraid to discover the nooks and crannies of this country.

Corcovado National Park entrance

Can I travel to Costa Rica right now?

What about borders? Like a good traveler, you are surely wondering. All arrivals to Costa Rica are currently being monitored due to the situation with Covid-19. So, it looks like you’re in luck, there’s still time for the Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna Waterfall Tour to steal your heart. Now you can travel to Costa Rica!

 Arenal Volcano views in Costa Rica

Restrictions for travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is open to travelers and does not impose any restrictions for any country. You know, you can visit the country without needing to pass a quarantine or have a PCR.

You will, however, need to fill out the Costa Rica Health Pass to declare that you do not have Covid and present a certificate in English or Spanish from your insurance company. It is essential to visit Costa Rica with valid travel insurance with Covid-19 coverage.

For your return from Costa Rica to America or Europe you do need a negative PCR test before leaving the country.

We hope that after reading the post you have understood the Costa Rica situation with the Covid-19 and that you almost have your bags packed to travel to Costa Rica. What will you visit first in Costa Rica?


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