Traditional Icelandic food, 5 unique dishes

traditional icelandic food

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If you are thinking of traveling to Iceland you can’t miss the opportunity to taste the traditional Icelandic food. And you’ll need to gather your strength to see the Northern Lights and visit the glaciers and ice caves.

Throughout this post we discover 5 incredible dishes with which you can get even closer to the country of fire and ice. Among them the soup, which helps Icelanders keep warmth in the body to withstand the low temperatures.Enjoy! 🤤


We start with a little Icelandic vocabulary lesson. Its name comes from the abbreviation of kaestur hákarl, which literally means fermented shark. And yes, you read that right. The fermentation process is key to eliminating the toxic components of this animal.

hakarl, a typical dish of traditional Icelandic food

And although once fermented its smell is very powerful, this dish is considered a delicacy. To accompany it it is usually served with a brandy called brennivín, in order to support its peculiar taste.


Soups are a staple of the Icelanders. They help them keep their body temperature up in temperatures below 0. This particular soup is fish soup, and is one of the most popular soups in the country.

It is usually served with plenty of vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, leeks and cucumbers. However in many restaurants they substitute fish for seafood. It is a very traditional Icelandic food, and can be ordered almost anywhere. It’s as fiery a meal as Iceland’s volcanoes 🌋.


That’s what hot dogs are called in Iceland. And although this food is traditionally American, you’ll be amazed by its Icelandic variant. Its peculiarity is in the meat, the sausages are prepared with Icelandic lamb meat.

traditional pylsa

On the other hand, their condiments also make them unique, Icelanders make a sauce called Remoulade which is prepared with pickled pickles and mayonnaise. Would you like to try it?


This dish contains a selection of Iceland’s main meat and fish products. It is a very outstanding traditional Icelandic food, as all its products are cured according to traditional practices.

This food has a high caloric content, and is perfect for enduring the colder months of the Icelandic winter.


We hope you have room left for dessert. Rugbraud is a typical Icelandic bread made with a rye base. Although it can be used as an accompaniment to savory dishes its sweet finishing touch makes it a perfect dessert.

rugbraud on the table

It is usually served with some ice cream or cake, and a coffee. It is ideal to close the meal and to end this post, and that you take a good taste in your mouth.😉

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