Rurrenabaque weather, when is it best to visit this area of the Amazon?

rurrenabaque weather

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The small town of Rurrenabaque is located on the banks of the Beni River, famous for its trails that lead to the rainforests of northern Bolivia and for being the gateway to Madidi National Park, an experience not to be missed.

In this post we will tell you about the weather in Rurrenabaque during the year so you can take it into account when choosing the dates of your trip, or, if you already know when you are going, to see what clothes and gadgets to take with you.

The weather in Rurrenabaque during the year

Rurrenabaque enjoys an equatorial (or humid tropical) climate.

The maximum temperature in Rurrenabaque averages 30°C throughout the year, rising from 26°C in June to 33°C in September.

Rainfall is 5927mm throughout the year, with a minimum of 135mm in August and a maximum of 880mm in February.

Therefore, between January and February the climate is very unfavorable. The average temperature of these two months are too high, the record for this month is 36°C and it rains about 81% during February, so we do not recommend it as a date for your trip.

weather in rurrenabaque

Between the months of March and June the weather is acceptable. At midday, the temperature reaches 26°C on average and, in June, 9 days of rain are expected, so it does not rain excessively.
Between July and September the weather is good, with an average midday temperature of 32°C and hardly any rain.

Between October and November the weather is very good as the thermometer rises up to 32°C and it rains about 55% during November. At this time of the year the temperature is warm (but not too hot) and rainfall is low, so we recommend these months for your trip.

In December the weather is the worst possible. The record temperature for this month is 38°C and it rains about 74% during the whole month, too much heat and too much rain.

Best time of the year to visit the Bolivian Amazon

In summary, we can say that the best time of the year to visit the area of the Amazon located in the town of Rurrenabaque is in the months of October and November, since, as we have seen, this area is very humid but at the same time warm.

These months are the right ones because there is a balance between rainfall and maximum temperatures, that is, it is not too hot and it does not rain excessively, as it happens in other months of the year.
I hope this post has helped you to solve all your doubts about this beautiful place and encourage you to embark on the Amazon adventure!


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