Nevado Ausangate, the Sacred Mountain of Peru

nevado ausangate

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In this post we will tell you all about the Nevado Ausangate, the lost mountain of Peru.
You will know where it is located, how high it is, the climate and temperature, what you can find and when it is advisable to make the ascent to Ausangate.

Reaching Ausangate is an experience that all adventure and adrenaline lovers should live, at least once in their lives. To do so, you must hike from the town of Pacchanta (Ocongate district).

Along the way, you can appreciate the attractive geography and biodiversity of the place. Once there, visitors can access different activities, including climbing the majestic glacier. They can also enjoy the magnificent gastronomy of the place, such as a succulent Pachamanca a la tierra.

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Where is Nevado Ausangate Mountain

The Nevado Ausangate is a natural tourist attraction located in the district of Ocongate, in the province of Quispicanchi, in the city of Cuzco. The mountain is part of the Cordillera Vilcanota and, according to an ancient legend, was the brother of the Nevado de Salkantay.

How high is the Nevado Ausangate?

Ausangate is the fifth highest mountain in Peru. But it may be the first in the memory of any visitor. Its maximum altitude is 6384 meters above sea level.

It is considered an apu, or protective deity of the surrounding villages, as well as the most representative mountain of the region. Its size is so large that it can be appreciated even if one is in the Sacsayhuaman Fortress.

It is a very attractive place for people who practice adventure sports, thanks to its geographical features.

Climate and temperature

The predominant climate in the area is quite cold, with temperatures below 5°C at night. During the day it can be up to 20°C, and there are cold winds during some parts of the day. The area also experiences rain and snowfall.

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What to find in Ausangate

Inside the monumental snow-capped mountain you will find cultural diversity, diversity of fauna typical of high Andean areas such as the vicuña, vizcacha, Andean fox, among others.

So if you like to explore new places, meet people and explore diverse flora and fauna, this is your place!

The Ausangate is also a hard trekking route and not signposted that runs at high altitude, including a pass at 5200 meters above sea level. It is essential to take out insurance that covers you at least up to 5400 meters above sea level, but do not do it without insurance, it is necessary to be forewarned.

As in any high mountain route, weather conditions can change suddenly, so you have to take into account the weather on the days you go and look in advance if possible.

Unlike the Salkantay Trek, the Ausangate trek is not done by many people so it is a quieter trek, and an opportunity to connect with nature.

When it is advisable to make an ascent

It is recommended to visit the Nevado Ausangate in dry season; between the months of April to November, because, in rainy season and due to the high altitude in which it is located, some parts of the route can be covered with snow making the route more complicated. In addition, if you are interested in adventure sports, the geographical features of Ausangate make it an extraordinary place to practice sports such as rock climbing, ice climbing, trekking…

We hope these tips and information have helped you to know a little more about this beautiful place and encourage you to live the adventure, because it is really worth it. Are you coming?


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