4 Best hiking trails in Iceland: the best routes to discover

best hiking trails in iceland

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We know that your desire to discover Iceland is growing, and what better than hiking to visit each of its corners? The best hiking trails in Iceland will not fail to surprise you, each of the 4 have something special and unique that will leave you wanting to return. Are you ready?

Skaftafell Trekking

To get to know the Skaftafell Glacier, one of the areas of the Vatnaj√∂kull National Park while doing theSkaftafell Glacier Trek is an assured adventure. For a reason it is one of the best hiking routes in Iceland ūüėČ

You’ll start at 10 am in the morning and finish around 3:30 pm, which means you’ll spend the 5 most mind-blowing hours of your life with crampons on your feet as you hike the spectacular glacier.

The landscape is characterized by giant ice formations of various shapes. First, you’ll encounter “The Falling Glacier” which is replete with shafts, crevasses and fissures. Then, you’ll have the chance to see the bluish interior of the ice tunnels. Come on, this excursion will leave you speechless.

People trekking Skaftafell

Vatnajökull trekking

When you hear about Iceland’s largest iceberg, they’re talking about Vatnaj√∂kull, one of the 10 most famous glaciers. This one is part of the Vatnaj√∂kull National Park, as are the Skaftafell and S√≥lheimaj√∂kull glaciers. If this fact has made you curious, you can read our post about the differences of these last two glaciers.

But, the best thing to do is to go to Iceland and discover both icebergs yourself. That’s why we recommend one of the best hiking trails in Iceland, the trekking Vatnaj√∂kull, where you’ll find all the secrets of the huge glacier.These natural wonders must be seen once in a lifetime !

People climbing the Vatnajökull glacier

Trekking Fagradalsfjall Volcano

Within the top 4 of the best hiking trails in Iceland is the Fagradalsfjall Volcano Trek, where you will discover the famous Fagradalsfjall, one of the 8 most important volcanoes in Iceland.

This volcano has been active, last erupting in March 2021. For this very reason, the volcanic views you have while trekking are unique. The tour starts in the capital and ends at the Geldingadalir eruption. You also have the option to combine this Iceland trekking route with more adventures in Reykjavik ūüėČ .

Fagradalsfjall volcano erupting trekking

Sólheimajökull Glacier Trekking

To finish with the trekking routes in Iceland, we recommend S√≥lheimaj√∂kull Glacier Trekking. You can already imagine where the route is indeed, by the iceberg itself ūüôā . But, this block of ice keeps many secrets and curiosities as the Katla volcano (today is active) is under it.

Also, during this route you can visit, whether winter or summer, the wonderful Katla Ice Cave, its black ash color will surprise you. And to see each of these places we recommend you take along some Icelandic snacks to fill you with energy. Let the adventure continue!

Sólheimajökull Glacier garnde ice blowue

All the information about the best hiking trails in Iceland is at your fingertips. We’d love to know which trek you’re going to do first and what the expectations are ūüėČ .


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