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famous events of iceland

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If you are going to visit Iceland you can’t miss the opportunity to trek its volcanoes or to visit its glaciers and ice caves. And if you are a good traveler who plans his visits in advance you can be surprised by the events of Iceland, the country of ice and fire./p>

visitor in a blue ice cave

In this post we show you 4 Iceland events, through which you can learn about the culture of the country and get closer to its people. Will you dare to discover them? 🎉

New Year’s Eve

The night of December 31st is celebrated the Icelandic New Year’s Eve. It’s celebrated in a particular way, past midnight the Icelanders go down to celebrate the arrival of the new year to the bonfires of each neighborhood. Always so true to their motto “country of ice and fire”… 🔥

It is also said that during this night the goblins change their place of residence, moving to another point of the island. If you travel with children tell them to be aware, as they are the only ones who can see them. The legend tells that children can see magical creatures through a “third eye”, which closes when they become teenagers.

Winter Lights Festival

Daylight hours in Iceland is one of the key factors to study when planning your trip. And although winter is the season with less light, Icelanders know how to make the most of it.

building of Reykjavik during the Winter Lights Festival
Photo made by @visitreykjavik

The first week of February is celebrated in Reykjavik the Winter Lights Festival. In this event, light sets are “installed” on some of the capital’s buildings, for keeping the light on in the dark. This event is usually accompanied by talks, cultural events, and even charity races that are incorporated over the years.

Midsummer solstice in Iceland

If you travel to the country during the summer season you will experience the summer solstice. This holiday is celebrated on June 21st, along with the arrival of the midnight sun.

You read that right, midnight sun. On this day at 00 hours, the sun reaches its northern point, illuminating the whole country. Formerly during this night most rituals were performed. Today it is popular for Icelanders to greet the midnight sun (which marks the beginning of the “Viking New Year”) naked outdoors. How cold! 🥶

Gathering at the hot springs pools

More than an event, gathering at hot spring pools is a tradition of the country. No matter when you travel to Iceland, you can’t leave without having taken a dip in a hot spring pool.

icelanders swimming in a hot spring pool

This tradition is more of a “social” act. Icelanders gather at hot spring pools in order to chat about their day and to relax. Being such a popular tradition you won’t have a hard time finding a hot spring pool in any town or city you travel to.

What’s your favorite Icelandic holiday? Will you be visiting Iceland on any of these special dates?

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