Best hot Springs in Iceland

best hot springs in iceland

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Due to Iceland’s unique geography, there is constant geothermal activity, which has given rise to a large number of hot springs. Access is easy as Iceland is served by the Ring Road, also known as road 1, which connects the entire island and is fully paved for its 1,322 kilometres. In short, Iceland is ice and adventure, where you can kayak on a glacial lake or hike through ice caves. But adventure combined with a bit of relaxation makes for the perfect trip. That’s why today we’re going to tell you about the best hot springs in Iceland so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.

Blue Lagoon, the most famous hot spring

This is the most famous thermal pool on the island, known as the Blue Lagoon because of the characteristic greyish-blue colour due to the presence of silica in the water. It is quite warm, its temperature is around 102°F (39°C) and if you are coming to Iceland for the first time, it is a must visit.

Blue lagoon is considered the best thermal pool for skin and treatment of diseases such as psoriasis. The facilities are fully equipped, you can find a restaurant, a bar, a spa, shop and much more.

blue lagoon one of the best hot springs

The lagoon is close to Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, and it is also close to Keflavik International Airport, so it is easily accessible both at the beginning and the end of your trip.

If you want to know more information, we tell you all about it in this post about the details of Blue Lagoon.

Myvatn Nature Baths, with natural steamers

The Myvatn Nature Baths are one of the best attractions in the north of Iceland. The temperature of these natural baths is around 100,4°F (38°C) and they have as particularity a sauna built over a crevice, so the steam received is totally natural.

The lagoon is artificially constructed and its water flows directly from the Landsvirkjun well in Bjarnarflag. The water in the Myvatn Nature Baths has sufficient alkalinity so that neither algae nor bacteria thrive, so chlorine is not necessary.

It is a mineralized water with certain amounts of sulfur so it is very beneficial for people with respiratory problems such as asthma, in addition to the benefits that are achieved for the skin. The changing room has a capacity to accommodate up to 400 people at a time to take a shower before entering the lagoon.

myvatn hot springs

Gamla Laugin, the oldest

Also known as the Secret Lagoon, it is the oldest lagoon in Iceland, so for that alone it is worth a visit. The lagoon takes advantage of the thermal spring of Hverahólmir with temperatures between 96,8°F and 105,8°F (36°C and 41°C).

Visiting it has several advantages:

  • It is cheaper than other hot springs such as the Blue Lagoon.
  • It is usually less crowded, so it is a great advantage for those seeking some privacy.
  • Another of its great attractions is the nearby geyser, a small opening from which very hot water, steam and gases gush intermittently.
  • In winter you have an excellent view to appreciate the northern lights, one of the most special natural phenomena in Iceland.

northern lights tour

Geysir hot spring, the best show

It is a field of thermal waters located in the Golden Circle where you will find varied and small pools with geothermal activity.

Among the most famous geysers in the area are the Strokkur, and the Great Geysir, one of the oldest geysers in the world (in fact the term “geyser” comes from its name). However, it is not active since the beginning of the 21st century due to the action of man, since it stopped emanating water from the stones and objects that were thrown inside. The water jet that launched the Geysir reached up to 80 meters, considered one of the highest in activity. The Strokkur is still active and reaches a height of 20 meters.

Swimming pool Seljavallalaug Iceland, the most mysterious one

If you are looking for a secret, inexpensive pool that hides some mystery, you are definitely looking for the Seljavallalaug pool. It is an artificial pool built to teach local children to swim, however, it has been abandoned for a long time. Nobody controls the water, so the floor and walls are often full of algae and the healthiness of the water is not assured. It is not an easy pool to find as it is reached on foot, and the car can only be left parked about 1.5 km away.

This place is an inspiration that attracts photographers and writers and that surely will not leave you indifferent.

piscina Seljavallalaug

GeoSea Geothermal Spa

It is one of the spas located north of Iceland in the town of Húsavik, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The main attraction of the area is whale watching.

The hot water is salt water very rich in minerals that cannot be used to heat the houses, but it can be used to heat the fresh water that is sent. So the locals can take advantage of the waste water along with its minerals and all the properties it has to relax.

Reykjadalur, the thermal river of Iceland

It is not a swimming pool, nor a lagoon, but a thermal river formed by the union of hot water and cold water that forms its bed with warm water. The temperature of the river is not constant, but if you are looking for warm temperatures you will have to bathe closer to the head of the river.

There are no changing facilities because it is outdoors, so you have to protect the clothes you take off from the rain. As for access it is really very easy, the river is located just 40 minutes from Reykjavik.


Landmannalaugar, in the Highlands

If there is something you cannot miss if you travel to Iceland in summer, it is to visit the highlands of Iceland because the roads are unpaved and at this time of the year they are clear.

There you can visit Landmannalaugar, which literally means the Land of Men’s Pools. It is really a spectacle to immerse yourself in these hot springs and contemplate the landscape of the colorful mountains formed by the volcanic activity of the area.

It is important to have a suitable vehicle to get there (a 4×4 preferably), otherwise you run the risk of getting stuck. We leave you a post with some tips for renting a car in Iceland. There are no big facilities in the area, but for about 500 ksi you have access to the campsite where the showers are.

Landmannalaugar, best host springs in iceland

Vök thermal baths with floating pools

If we go to the east of Iceland, in Lake Urriðavatn, we find the thermal baths of Vök, floating pools with crystal clear water certified as drinking water. The atmosphere is quiet, solitary and very connected to the almost virgin nature, ideal for those seeking exclusivity.

And up to here our recommendation about the best hot springs in Iceland. What is clear is that no matter which one you choose (and there are many to choose from), the experience will not disappoint you and will be unforgettable. Which one has caught your attention the most?


Journalist and traveler. Laura has traveled around Iceland several times and is in love with its nature, especially the northern lights. She loves the cold, the icebergs and says that at some point she will move to the land of ice. For now she tells us about her adventures traveling around the island.

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