7 facts about Iceland’s Northern Lights

facts about the northern lights

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If you’re thinking of visiting Iceland you can’t miss the unique opportunity to see a Northern Lights. This natural phenomenon is one of the most incredible in the world. Do you want to discover 7 facts about the northern lights Here we go!

The origin of its name

Aurora comes from the Roman goddess Aurora, who traveled from east to west announcing the coming of the sun. Boreal comes from the word Boreas, which refers to the wind coming from the north. The name was given by Galileo Galilei

Each one is unique

This phenomenon is unique each time. Depending on location, time, and weather situation you will be able to see a completely new and different aurora borealis. In order to enjoy the experience in an optimal way, you should know what to wear to see the Northern Lights, it should be cold-resistant.

Northern lights in Iceland

Best captured by a camera

It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Cameras have a photosensitive reception that makes the colors of auroras look better from a screen. This is because they sense hues that are difficult to see through the human eye. 📸

They are totally unpredictable

Although there are times when the aurora borealis are more common, it is not possible to define for certain when they happen. However, it is possible to guess where and when to see a northern lights, depending on your location for example.

northern lights seen from a boat

They can be seen even from Space

Their coverage is so incredible that they can be seen from Space itself. They usually occur more than 100km from the earth, so if you were from a satellite you could also contemplate it, although with less definition.

They include all colors

Although the predominant color is usually green, the aurora borealis can also have reddish and blue tones. This is because the energy of each atom is different, so their hatching can generate one effect or another. 🌈

northern lights with a lot of colors

Can cause interference

The waves they cause can literally disrupt radio, television and even satellite frequencies. The strength of this phenomenon can paralyze external communications.

Now that you know 7 facts about the northern lights… aren’t you willing to discover them with your own eyes? 👀

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