The diamond beach of Iceland

diamond beach of iceland

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If you are going to travel to Iceland you can’t miss its incredible black sand beaches. And if we talk about this natural phenomenon in your list can not miss the diamond beach of Iceland.

This beach is undoubtedly one of the favorites of travelers. If you’re thinking of visiting the south coast of Iceland we recommend that you let yourself be amazed by this “sparkling” beach. 💎

Why is it called the diamond beach?

Iceland’s Diamond Beach owes its name to the small icebergs that float on it. In contrast to the black sand of the beach, it gives the impression that they are small diamonds.

rests of ice in the diamond beach in Iceland

These icebergs come directly from the Jökulsárlón glacier, which has retreated due to climate change. Large blocks of ice broke off, which have eventually washed up on the famous diamond beach.

How do the icebergs get there?

Due to the retreat of Jökulsárlón Glacier a small lagoon was created, where the icebergs ended up. From this lagoon the icebergs passed into the Jökulsa River and from there finally into the sea.

The icebergs are washed by the waves up to the shore of the beach. Together with the black sand (which is so because of the ash debris that falls on it) and the light these glaciers become small “diamonds.”

How to get there

If you are visiting the south coast of the island you will have to approach the village of Hof. From there you will pass a metal bridge and arrive at the mouth of the diamond beach.

traveler on ice in Iceland

It is easy to access by car, you can leave it nearby. Afterward, you will have to walk a bit until you reach the coast. We recommend that you wear comfortable and waterproof footwear.

The best thing about the diamond beach of Iceland is to visit it at sunset, so that the light illuminates the small diamonds that are scattered across the sand. Do you feel like discovering this incredible beach?

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