Icelandic words: the most useful vocabulary for your trip

Icelandic signals pointing different locations

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Icelandic is not a simple language, it won’t take you long to figure that out. The good news is that in Iceland they speak English perfectly. Anyway, we think it is very interesting for you to know some Icelandic words that will help you on your trip to understand directions. Besides, I’m sure the Icelanders will like if you try to learn their language.

Origin of the Icelandic language


One of the curiosities of Iceland is related to its language, and is that Icelandic is the most preserved language on the planet. It is a Scandinavian language that has been spoken in the country since 874 when the first settlers, the Vikings, arrived. It is truly a source of pride for Icelanders to be able to read sagas from the 13th century, a privilege!

Courtesy Icelandic words

Education comes first, so we couldn’t start this lesson any other way, so we are going to teach you the polite Icelandic words that you will use the most on your trip and that Icelanders will love to hear, pay attention!



Hello Halló
Good bye Bless
Good morning Góðan daginn
Good evening Gott kvöld
Good night Góða nótt
Please Vinsamlegast
Thank you Takk
You’re welcome Ekkert

Words from nature

Traveling to Iceland and not enjoying its nature is almost impossible because Islandia is nature, incredible landscapes and pure air. Many words in Iceland are formed from the union of two others, so if you see a complex word that includes any of the ones below, you can get an idea of what you will visit.



Mountain Fjall
Forest Skógur
Fields Vellir
Waterfall Foss
Beach Strönd
Sea Sjó
River Fljót
Lake Vatn
Northern lights Norðurljós

Now you know that if you tour the Golden Circle and visit Gullfoss you will see a waterfall, if you take the Thingvellir National Park Tour you will see fields and if you decide to relax at Myvatn, you will see a lake.

Useful Icelandic words at restaurants

If there is one thing we are sure of, it is that you will eat, and we will prepare you to read the menu in Icelandic, the experience is a complete one! We recommend that you also test your pronunciation, it can be fun!



Water Vatn
Beer Bjór
Wine Vin
Bread Brauð
Meat Kjöt
Fish Fiskur
Soup Súpa
Dessert Eftirrétt
Coffee Kaffi
Tea Te
Ice cream Ís
The bill Reikningurinn

Icelandic words to locate

This is an important lesson because if you don’t understand the directions you might not get to your destination on time. Don’t worry! You can always check the information in English, but these words in Icelandic will be very useful if you see any signs or indications.



Where is it? Hvar er?
Bank Banki
Station Niður í miðbæ
City center Brauð
Hotel Hótel
Hospital Sjúkrahús
Straight ahead Beint áfram
Left/ right Vinstri/ haegri
Is it close/ far? Er það nálægt / langt?

Let’s set a day and time to do a test of Icelandic words to see if you have studied enough. Just kidding! Icelandic is complicated, very complicated, and we will not be so cruel to demand that you know the words, just that you have them at hand to use them, although we are sure that if you really use them, you will end up learning some, don’t you think so?


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