10 Mexico travel tips for enjoying your time, ándale!

Beach and Maya ruins in Tulum

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Mexico is a paradisiacal destination that attracts thousands of tourists every year. Possibly it is its unique beaches, tasty cuisine, warm temperatures and varied fauna and flora that make it the destination of choice for many people. Before traveling to the country you’ll be glad to know these 10 Mexico travel tips so you can enjoy your days as you have imagined. Here we go!

Watch out for the hurricane season

Theoretically the hurricane season in Mexico takes place between June 1st and November 30th. If you don’t want a surprise on your trip, it’s as simple as avoiding these dates. The best months to enjoy the beaches in the Riviera Maya are December and January. Can you imagine yourself relaxing on the white sand of Tulum?

If you prefer to travel during hurricane season to avoid encountering large crowds of tourists, then don’t forget to hire a good travel insurance. In our opinion it’s better not to risk it, imagine at the last minute missing the opportunity to visit in a catamaran Isla Mujeres and snorkel in crystal clear waters, it would be a shame!

Get permission before taking photos

Before taking a photo of people on the street, street artists’ paintings or objects from the markets you must make sure you have permission from the people involved. The only place you won’t have to ask for permission is at Sian Ka’an, the caimans will strike their best pose on sight!

Explore beyond touristy resorts

We’re not going to tell you not to visit the beaches of Cancun, we simply recommend that you make the decision to see Mexico in its entirety. There’s time for everything and it’s not worth staying in the same area and missing out charming places such as MĂ©rida, for example.

Forget about diets

The Mexican gastronomy is delicious and you probably know it because you’ve tried nachos, tacos and burritos. If you liked them outside Mexico, think how delicious they must be in their country of origin, mamma mia!

Typical quesadilla in Mexico

There is much beyond the dishes that are known internationally and vary by region. In Yucatan the food has a lot of Mayan influence and the flavors have nothing to do with what you know so far.

Go cenote hopping

The cenotes are like large open water pools that measure dozens of meters in diameter. In a more technical way we will tell you that they are subway caves and caverns that have been filling with water due to the filtration of precipitation.

In Mexico, the cenotes of Yucatan are a tourist attraction that does not go unnoticed and that is why we bring you a combination that you can not refuse: visit Chichen Itza and the Sacred Cenote, how about this 2X1 plan?

Sacred cenote in Chichén Itzá

Don’t stress out because of safety concerns

The safety in South America and Latin America is a topic of concern for travelers. Mexico does not have a good reputation in the media and we are not saying that what they say is not true, what we do want to make clear is that crimes and offenses are concentrated in neighborhoods that are not recommended to visit for tourists.

Mexico is the most visited country in Latin America and there have rarely been any altercations with visitors. There are certain considerations to keep in mind when visiting the country, that’s all. That said, it’s not worth worrying about any more.

Pack a jacket

If you are going to visit tourist sites in high altitude areas it is necessary to have a coat or jacket. Which are the highest altitude areas in Mexico? Mexico City and Oaxaca, for example. In Quintana Roo you probably won’t need a jacket even during the nights, is that what you wanted to read?

Avoid tap water

One of the most important Mexico travel tips is to avoid tap water during your trip to Mexico, as well as ice cubes, of course. It is best to always carry a bottle of filtered water with you and refill it when you have the opportunity. If you prefer to buy the drink in restaurants, make sure it is filtered water.

Buy a SIM card

It is increasingly important to be connected to the internet, it has become a necessity, something essential. It is important that we can make inquiries and have the answer at the moment, this way we feel more secure.

In hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and other premises and establishments you will have wifi connection, but to have internet beyond that we recommend that you buy a SIM card.

With these 10 Mexico travel tips there is nothing left to worry about. You know what is important and what is less important to enjoy the country. Beyond these tips, the most important thing is that you respect the culture and the people of the country. Are you ready to get to know Mexico?


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