Mexican Flag Day: a very special February 24

mexican flag day

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Today, February 24 is the Mexican Flay Day and that means that today Mexico pays tribute to one of its most important patriotic symbols. The national flag of Mexico represents nationality, justice and freedom, as well as the people’s struggle for independence from Spain. Learning its history is one of the things to do in Mexico most interesting .

Celebrating Flag Day is one of the Mexican traditions and a very special day for all Mexicans, even for the little ones! On February 24 there is no shortage of songs and recitals to the flag that served to declare independence. So forget about visiting Sian Ka’an for a moment and soak up of Mexican culture. We tell you everything you need to know about this very unique day for Mexicans.

What does the Mexican Flag look like

Before getting into the subject, it would be interesting to know what the Mexican Flag looks like and the meaning of the elements that compose it. The colors that make up the flag are green, white and red. Green signifies independence and hope; white signifies Catholicism and unity; and red signifies the blood shed by the revolutionaries.

Mexican Flag detail

Don’t think you’re in front of just another flag because the Mexican Flag in 2008 won the most beautiful flag in the world contest and in 2011 it broke the Guinness World Record for having the tallest flagpole in America with a height of 120 meters. If you make a visit to Chichen Itza you won’t be surprised by its 24 meters!

Why is Mexican Flag Day celebrated

February 24 in 1821 Agustín Iturbide chose the definitive colors of the flag of the nation he was about to govern. He also determined the upright arrangement and the eagle as the symbol of the Empire. In 1935 Benito Ramirez, an employee of the Bank of Mexico, organized for the first time a tribute for the flag of Mexico. Five years later, President Lázaro Cárdenas declared February 24 as the official date of the Mexican Flag.

Mexican Flag Day celebration

How is the Mexican Flag Day celebration

To date, the official celebration is held at the Mexican National Palace, with the presence of the President of Mexico who accompanies a civic-military parade. When the Pledge is recited, it is customary to salute the flag with a raised arm. When the flag is on parade, the arm is kept crossed over the chest, with the palm of the hand parallel to the ground.

Celebrating Flag Day at school is something very special because it commemorates the events that took place during the declaration of Mexico’s Independence through performances and plays. A pity not to be a Mexican child!

Touring the entire country sounds good, but it’s still better to get to know their people and try to understand what’s important to them. Imagine how impressive it can be to go to the National Palace and see the faces of emotion of its attendants. It’s actually possible, you just need to plan your trip in February, the month of Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t sound like a bad option, what do you think?


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