Can I travel to Mexico now? COVID situation [May 2021]

Playa de Cancún en México

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You feel like you can’t wait to see Mexico and we know that it is because you have seen many photos on Instagram where people enjoy Riviera Maya. It seems like COVID does not exist for some people while you are looking forward to flying in an airplane again. We will tell you why it has turned into the most desired destination in case you decide to travel to Mexico like the influencers you follow in social media.

Tourist in a photo in Teotihuacan pyramid

Can I travel Mexico right now?

The answer is simple and clear: yes, you can. It is possible to travel to Mexico from Europe and the United States, but you should know that land border crossing with the US remains closed until 21 May. There’s nothing to worry about because Americans may still travel by air to Mexico. Anyway, it is already the end of May.

Restrictions for traveling to Mexico

Mexico is open to travelers and it does not currently impose any air travel restrictions from any country. Tourists from anywhere in the world can visit Mexico now without going into mandatory quarantine or having to take any COVID diagnostic test.

Travelers only need to fill out a health declaration form and scan the QR code it generates on arrival. When you enter the country, the officials posted at the airport terminals will monitor your health, along with regular temperature screening.

Returning from Mexico to America or Europe requires a negative COVID test prior to their departure to the country. As such, numerous hotels and resorts in Mexico have opted by providing on-site testing services for those looking to return.

Is it safe to travel to Mexico now?

The situation in Mexico is not the best, but neither the worst. In February there were 22,000 cases over 100,000 inhabitants and now there are 1,200. There is no doubt that the situation is improving, but it is also obvious that the figures are still very high. As always, what is important is that you realize the danger and take care of yourself.

The country has worked on a few health and safety measures to provide visitors peace of mind. For instance, Mexico’s secretary of tourism has released a hygiene protocol for the hospitality industry. Social distancing and COVID-19 prevention norms are in place in many hotels, including giving additional masks and hand sanitizers to all arriving guests.

Best destinations in Mexico

This news will make you happy: one of the areas with less COVID in Mexico is the touristic Mexican state of Quintana Roo, and this means you could enjoy a sunrise in Tulum, a trip in catamaran to Isla Mujeres and the sound of wild in Sian Ka’an. What a surprise!

Tulum beach in Mexico

Mexico is a magical place where you can connect with nature and even with yourself. If you have the opportunity to travel and discover Chichen Itza and Sacred Cenote, why not do it? You have to be conscious about the situation we are living in and use protection for your own safety but also for others. Caution is the best advice we can give you, would you take it?


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