When to see bioluminescence in Holbox

when to see bioluminescence in holbox

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If you are going to visit Mexico you can’t miss the opportunity to visit Holbox from the Riviera Maya. This island paradise located northeast of Yucatan and is a basic visit for any traveler. Do you want to know when to see bioluminescence in Holbox? Let’s check it out!

beach in Holbox

Despite the COVID situation in Mexicotraveling to Holbox won’t be a problem for you. In this post we help you to get organized to see the incredible bioluminescence of Holbox.

What is bioluminescence and why does it happen?

If you don’t know what to do in Holbox this will undoubtedly become one of your top activities. It is common to see this phenomenon in insects, fungi, fish, and even crustaceans. Although the most common example is shown with jellyfishes. When they light up they look like magic! 🔮

jellyfishes experiencing bioluminescence

The bioluminescence originates itself through a chemical process. In this process, a reaction is generated and then organisms emit light 💡. Like when you see a firefly in the middle of the night. This serves living things as a defense tool or as a mechanism to reproduce.

Why does it occur in Holbox?

Holbox has an enormous stretch of beaches. It is home to millions of microorganisms that are located both within the sea and along the shore area. These microorganisms when “hit” by the waves cause the famous “bioluminescent” flashes.

The bioluminescence of Holbox is one of the most famous in the world. Its paradisiacal location has made this spectacle even more magical.

When to see bioluminescence in Holbox?

After this mini-science lesson let’s get down to what matters to us. bioluminescence in Holbox is present almost all year round. However, it’s better to experience this phenomenon in absolute darkness.

bioluminescence in the beaches of Holbox

Thus the best months to see the bioluminescence of Holbox are from April to November. Because there are fewer daylight hours. Also, it is a good idea to do some research on the lunar calendar. Since when there is a full moon it is more difficult to enjoy this phenomenon (due to the excess of light) 🌝

Why should you see it?

This chemical phenomenon is pure magic. Living it from Holbox is one of the most incredible experiences you can enjoy on the island. Its paradisiacal condition makes the place a must-visit on any itinerary.

If you are a fan of unique experiences, you can’t miss the bioluminescence from Holbox beach. The colors of its beaches are almost indescribable, so we encourage you to live the experience yourself.

Now that you know when to see bioluminescence in Holbox… Have you already managed to pronounce its difficult name, do you feel like experiencing this magical “phenomenon”?

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