The 4 best routes along the Amazon River: a wild adventure

Boat in the Amazon river

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Today we embark on the fantastic routes along the Amazon River. This river is not just a river, it is the longest in South America and its tributaries cross up to 8 countries: Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Guyana and Suriname. As if that were not enough, it is the largest in the world and its large amount of water gives life to thousands of different species of flora and fauna, some of them still unclassified.

Route form Iquitos to Tabatinga

A good starting point is the city of Iquitos in Peru. After touring the Iquitos jungle it’s a good time to embark on this fun route. During the tour breathe in strongly because you will be able to feel the smell of the Amazonian nature, the bushes are really close!

As you go deeper into the river you can see many kinds of birds in the clear sky, howler monkeys and the lovely sloth bear. There is no lack of the expected alligators either, let’s hope they have had breakfast already! Of course, watching the animals of the Amazon is a real pleasure.

Sunset in Iquitos along the Amazon River

Route from Tabatinga to Manaus

Tabatinga is a city in Brazil located on the border with Colombia. From this city depart the boats to Manaus city. On the tour, you can see pink dolphins and the beautiful sunsets from the hammock of the boat.

The tour lasts 4 days and 3 nights. Remember that you are in the Amazon and that one of the essentials to take to the jungle is mosquito repellent. Your best ally!

Route from Manaus to Santarem

On this 2-day tour on the Amazon River you will see how the Black River joins the Amazon. Can you imagine it? What you see is an extensive black line drawn by the union of the waters – something truly spectacular! If you add to this a wonderful sunset you’ll have a perfect day.

Once you arrive in Santarem you can visit the paradisiacal Alter Do Chao beaches 30 kilometers to the north. It is an unusual place, where the blue and transparent waters of the Tapajos River meet the Amazon, giving rise to a landscape of dunes, beaches and islets. It looks like the Caribbean!

Sunset Alter Do Chao along the Amazon

Route from Santarem to Belem

From Santarem to Belem you can enjoy one of the best landscapes of the Amazon, especially in the area of narrow canals, pay attention! Don’t let yourself be misled by the boats of local vendors and their tempting prices. If you feel like spending a few days in Belem you can try couchsurfing.

So now you have the 4 best routes along the Amazon River, from Peru to Brazil, passing through 5 of its most important cities and covering really impressive stretches. It is best to respect the direction of the water flow and go from Peru to Brazil because otherwise, going against the current, the journey will be longer. Do you dare to start at the beginning?


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