Choquequirao Trek: typologies and duration of the route

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Choquequirao Trek is a fascinating adventure route in which physical effort is rewarded by the wonderful view offered by the Apurimac canyon. It also represents a true encounter with the ancient civilizations of the place.

The word Choquequirao comes from the Quechua vocabulary and means “Golden Cradle”.

Choquequirao is located at the top of the Apurimac canyon; considered the deepest in America. It is located in the province of the Convention department of Cusco, Santa Teresa district, Peru.

How to get to Choquequirao?

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To get to Choquequirao can only be achieved by land. Moving by road from the city of Abacay, about 2 hours to Cusco and then 3 or 4 hours to the town of Cachora.

The trekking begins in the town of Cachora, located at 2,903 meters above sea level.

One of the advantages offered by this route is that it allows the tourist to enjoy the route more intensely, due to the little influx of people. While in Machu Picchu you meet together with at least 2500 tourists, in Choquequirao 30 people arrive per day in high season.

Route of Choquequirao Trek: Distance, typologies and duration

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The route of Choquequirao Trek includes 31 kilometers one way and 31 kilometers of return, walking from Cachora to the archaeological site.

The type and duration of Trek to Choquequirao, will depend on the package offered by your travel agency. But in general they agree with the following aspects:

  • Transportation Cusco – Cachora
  • Food: includes breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.
  • Camping equipment and tools
  • Carriage of luggage
  • Tickets to Choquequirao
  • Authorized tourist guides
  • Transportation Cachora – Cusco

The Choquequirao Trek offers two modalities: one of 4 days and the other of 5 days, which are detailed below:

Choquequirao Trek 4 days

DAY 1: It starts in Cachora, after 2 hours walking you arrive at Capuliyoc at a height of 2,910 meters. In this stage you can appreciate the beautiful views of the Apurimac Valley of the snow-capped Padriyoc and Wayna. Then, descend to Coca Masana, where you can feel the change of climate and observe the flora and fauna until you reach Playa Rosalina, where you will camp that night.

DAY 2: After breakfast starts the ascent from Playa Rosalina to Rayanpata, in a tour of 5 hours. There is a rest and feeding stop next to the Chunchullymayo river, to go to Choquequirao to spend the night.

This stretch that lasts 2 hours, you can see various species of orchids and birds. And when you get to Choquequirao you can look at the most beautiful sunset of your life.

DAY 3: Visits to the archaeological ruins of Choquequirao, ancient Inca city. We descend to the Apurimac River to eat. The trek continues for a 4 hour stretch of ascent to the Coca Masana camp, to spend the night.

DAY 4: The last and not less spectacular day of the trek. The day begins with a view of the landscape offered by the majestic Apurimac canyon. Cross through the canyon gorge contemplating the captivating landscapes of the Waynagally. Finishing the tour in Cachora.

Choquequirao Trek 5 days

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DAY 1: The trek begins in Cachora, passing through the entrance of the Apurimac canyon, you already have at your reach beautiful and impressive views of the mountain range and glaciers.

Then we descend a steep slope until we reach the Chiquiska valley, to spend the night and feed.

DAY 2: We start the day climbing a steep slope to the Choquequirao camp. All the physical effort is rewarded with the beautiful views and landscapes that this wonderful place offers.

We continue with the section descending to Pacchayoq. This place shows us some works built by the ancient Incas; ceremonial rocks and other archaeological remains.

Finally a returns to Chiquiska to rest and feed.

DAY 3: We go to the ruin of Choquequirao. It is a tour to enjoy the landscape and walk in peaceful solitude. This day is dedicated to tour the entire area of ​​the ancient ruins that made up the Inca city.

DAY 4: Today is the hardest trek; we will go from Choquequirao to the Chiquiska camp. This tour is marked by incredible natural views of the environment.

DAY 5: Climb to Capuliyoc to enjoy the extraordinary views of the Apurimac Canyon and a 2-hour drive to Cachora, then going in transportation to Cusco.

Altitude and climatology of the Choquequirao Trek

Choquequirao is located 3,033 meters above sea level. Precisely because of its height, it has a temperate climate with cold at night. The temperature in the Inca archaeological site can vary between 5 and 25 degrees centigrade.

Fauna and flora in the Chequequirao Trek

It houses a wide variety of animal species and birds such as the condor, foxes, pumas, vizcachas, hummingbirds, spectacled bears and the cock of the rocks. As for its most important flora, there is a great variety of orchids.


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