Difference Between Eco-lodge and Community Lodge

There are many places to stay in Latin American. With a wide variety of hotels and hostels, the community lodges and the eco-lodges stand out by their environmental uniqueness. These lodges can make you feel as though you are one with nature. Generally, they can be found “along of the beaten path” deep within jungles or along beaches. They can give you a feeling of seclusion from the outside world, as you feel connected with the world around you. These natural escapes are growing in numbers and popularity.

A community lodge is more of a rural and collective experience. Where you will stay in a bigger lodge with other travelers and local individuals.


Community lodge in Iquitos


The locals are your guide to living the “jungle-life” so to speak. Howlanders offers a three-day tour in the heart of the Iquitos jungle. This experience will leave you feeling more adventurous than ever. The lodge offers you your own private room with meals cooked for you by the local guides. The lodge is placed along the Ucayali river, right in front of the extensive Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.


Ride along the Ucayali river


This tour gives you the opportunity to go fishing for some piranhas and visit a colony of the impressive Amazonian giant water lilies. You will get to see pink dolphins, monkeys, alligators, and maybe even a sloth! If you want to know more about the animals found in Iquitos take a look at our other blog post. The community lodge gives you a new perspective of the ecosystem around you.


Sloth found in Iquitos jungle


For an eco-friendly and adventurous traveler looking for a more luxurious accommodation, the eco-lodge is one they should greatly consider. An eco-lodge accommodation is designed to have the least possible impact on the natural environment in the location that it is found.


Eco-lodge in Napo Wildlife Reservation

Howlanders offers a four-day tour of the at the Yasuní National Park of Ecuador. It is considered one of the best eco-hotels in the world. You will get to live a luxurious experience in the heart of the Amazon, where you will discover the flora and fauna of the place, just as rich as it is diverse. The eco-lodge is almost like your own private villa. It offers you a private room and bathroom, with a relaxing tub for two.


Private room in Napo eco-lodge


Romantic tub for two


When living so close within the Amazon, you will be able to do exciting activities like a short hike in which we will get to know the unique flora of the Yasuní National Park, its spectacular trees, its medicinal plants and with a bit of luck, you may even find jaguar tracks along the way. You can also do a canoe ride through Napo River, that is where you could see the reflections of alligators. You will also be able to see anacondas, otters, a variety of monkeys and birds live in perfect harmony while living an exclusive experience.


Monkey in Napo Wildlife reservation


The lodges are open which allows you to enjoy your stay with a spectacular view of the jungle that surrounds you. Community lodges and eco-lodges are similar in the sense of environmental impact, it’s the experience you’re looking for is what determines which is the best fit for you and your adventure.


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