Travel to Peru during the Covid-19 pandemic, a safe destination

peru safe destination

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Although this has not been the ideal year to visit the countries you have been dreaming about, let us tell you about a country that we think should be on your list of “places to visit”. Here’s all the information you need to know if you want to travel to Peru during the Covid-19.

Peru is one of the most visited countries in Latin America. This country is home to one of the most famous wonders of the modern world: Machu Picchu. It turns out to be the perfect destination not only because of its almost intact archaeological sites, but also because of its landscapes, its incredible gastronomy and its people, always ready to show you why they are so proud of their own country.

Covid-19 situation in Peru

Now that the state of national emergency by Covid-19 has ended, and quarantine and curfew measures are no longer in effect in most of the country, there are some countries that are already allowed to enter Peru.

These countries are:

  • Bolivia
  • Colombia
  • Chile
  • Ecuador
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Uruguay

Since the country is opening its borders again, it is also preparing to receive tourists the best way possible. To do so, Peru has become the first country in the world to receive the first health and safety seal for tourism from the Covid-19 The “Safe Travels” seal means that the country is preparing itself adequately to carry out a responsible and safe reopening of tourism as soon as the local authorities determine the conditions for it.

Taking into account how important the tourism sector is to this country and how affected it has been by the current situation, the government has made a great commitment to ensure that visitors can have the best possible experience. With destinations and services that comply with the strict security protocols.

travel to peru covid

New opportunities for tourism

While taking advantage of the situation, Peru decided to work on the best way of doing tourism by promoting sustainable tourism. To help prioritize the conservation of ecosystems, it has bet on promoting nature and adventure tourism, the best type of tourism nowadays since its actually carried out in open spaces.

The visit of tourists to the areas that offer such tourism will raise funds for the conservation of these natural spaces and will provide opportunities for local people: those who work as park rangers, ecotourism guides or those who are in charge of species recovery programs.

peru covid Safe travel

Peru Travel Requirements during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As we said, it is now possible to travel to Peru in times of Covid-19, however, it is only possible for the neighboring countries. So if you belong to any of them, you will be able to enter by completing a health declaration and presenting a negative PCR test, after no longer than 72 hours.

The other countries from Europe, for example, will be able to enter once the situation is totally under control.

covid situation peru

Individual security measures

Although we are very excited about being able to travel again, you must not forget to be careful and very responsible. The Covid-19 still exists, so remember to comply with the measures imposed by the country, wear your mask and maintain social distance.

Keep in mind that other protocols and stricter health and safety controls have also been implemented, in addition to social distancing and the use of masks. These include complete disinfection of facilities and the availability of sanitary gel or spray for staff and clients. Making your visit safer.

travel to Peru during the Covid-19

Visiting Peru in 2020

Now that you know which countries are allowed to enter Peru in spite of the Covid, and that possibly its doors will be opened to many others, perhaps it is time to plan your trip and get more information about everything there is to do.

Don’t forget that even if countries start to open their doors, you should always be careful. The situation of the virus is quite recent and therefore also very changeable. Government travel restrictions may vary, so try to be aware of any updates.


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She loves ceviche, hiking and Sunday picnics with her friends, although whenever you ask her, she's always planning her next destination.

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