Amusement parks inspired in Latin America

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Imagine enjoying some tasty tacos and a mariachi show in Paris. Or experiencing the speed of a feathered serpent-inspired attraction in Barcelona.

Thanks to globalization, cultures, and traditions that could seem distant to us because they are thousands of kilometers away can now feel much closer. This is the case of some themed amusement parks, which are inspired by South American countries and cultures.

So, in this post, we talk about some amusement parks, which although they are far away from Latin America, have managed to recreate to perfection, the places, and traditions of these South American places.

Isla Mágica, totally inspired in Latin America

In southern Spain, specifically in Sevilla, there is an entire amusement park inspired by Latin American history. Isla Magina is divided into six main areas, through which you can take a short tour of the pre-Hispanic myths. There you can enjoy exploring the Amazon as if you were doing a tour through the Iquitos Jungle, or get to know the Sevilla of the 16th century and the port that connected both continents.

Both the attractions and the shows are inspired by Latin America and transform it into fun suitable for all audiences. If you plan to visit the south of Spain, you can not miss Isla Magica.

decoration inspired in latinamerica in isla magica amusement park

Among its most intense attractions is Iguazu. Although in reality, during the Puerto Iguazú tour you cannot jump the falls for safety, here you will be able to do so. This is a refreshing drop at 50km/h in which you will end up engulfed by a gigantic wave.

Another one made only for the bravest, is the Jaguar roller coaster. At 32 meters high and reaching 85 kilometers per hour, this attraction will make you scream like never before.

You have plenty of rides to get a good adrenaline rush, but at Isla Mágica you can also enjoy yourself if you prefer something more moderate or if you visit the park with your family.

attraction isla magica in seville

Explore with the little ones of the house the two Caravels docked at the Puerto de Indias or go on the Magical Carousel, whose protagonists are mythological animals full of magic.

PortAventura in Barcelona

Also in Spain, there is an amusement park dedicated to different cultures of the world, PortAventura. There, the Mexico zone, which represents the Latin American continent in the park, stands out.

Its attractions are based on myths and traditional characters of Mexican culture. The Secret of the Mayans, for example, is a mirror labyrinth in which colors, engravings and symbols bring you closer to the magic of the Mayan people.

An attraction that will make you feel as if you were on a Riviera Maya tour, or even on a Chichen Itza tour. It combines speed with mythological representation. The feathered serpent, the animal to which the Pyramid of Kukulkán is dedicated, is the protagonist of this attraction. Taking the form of this pre-Hispanic divinity, visitors spin endlessly around a totem simulating the worship of the god.

The shows and restaurants that maintain this tradition of spicy Mexican food, are essential for you to live the experience to the fullest. Lights and little Mexican flags fill La Cantina, a restaurant where you can enjoy the best burritos or a good chili con carne, among other Mexican specialties.

facane of the cantina restaurant in port aventura

There, also takes place one of the main shows of this part of the park: Mexican Rituals. A journey through the cultural elements of Mexican history. From pre-Hispanic cultures to the modern world, full of color, magic and the best music, make this show the best representation of Mexico in the entire park.

Disneyland Paris Amusement Park

With the release of Coco, the Disney movie that tells the world what the Day of the Dead is like in Mexico through the eyes of a young boy. Since then, some Disney parks have incorporated this character and his world into their parks.

At Disneyland Paris, the color and essence of Mexico are experienced in the Fuente del Oro restaurant, along with the characters of Coco. If you plan to visit the famous park, remember that it is not necessary to give up some tasty tacos.

In addition, Disneyland Paris has themed hotels on the park grounds and one of them is inspired by Mexico. The Hotel Santa Fe and its atmosphere move us to Mexican lands, both its rooms and its rooms.

These are just a few examples of how, through the fun of roller coasters and rides in a park, it is possible to enjoy the tradition and charm of our cultures in other parts of the world.

Do you know of any other amusement park that is inspired by a place in Latin America? Would you like to live the experience of visiting these amusement parks?


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