Amazon jungle: most impressive places to sleep

views of a lodge in Iquitos

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The Amazon rainforest is the largest in the world, occupying more than six million square kilometres along the Amazon River, also known as the “lungs of the planet”. It is a unique place to reconnect with nature, but would you dare to sleep in the Amazon jungle?

Although the jungle by day is an authentic experience, the real spectacle takes place at night. It’s the time of day when the animals of the Amazon come out of their hiding places and you can hear the sounds of monkeys, birds, insects and the sound of the trees being swayed by the wind.

Here we are going to show you some of the most impressive places where you can sleep in the Amazon rainforest and enjoy wonderful nights in the jungle.

lodges in the river bank

Staying overnight in a treehouse in the Amazon jungle

Treehouse Lodge is located in Yarapa River, Maynas, in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. You can spend the night floating above the treetops and under the starry sky, surrounded by vegetation and nocturnal animals.

There you will be able to experience the jungle from the heights, enjoying the views of the wild. A unique experience to get to know the night while fully respecting the habitat of the tropical fauna of this beautiful place. Don’t miss it if you are on an excursion to the Iquitos jungle.

The tree House seen from below

Sleeping in huts inside the Amazon

The lodges are the most frequent accommodations of the Amazonian forest. These are huts whose facilities are integrated into the environment and respect the natural habitat of the animals that live in the area seeking to minimize the environmental impact.

Amazon Tupana Lodge

About 45 minutes by boat from Manaus, in Brazil, we find this complex where you can spend the nights enjoying the jungle and the wildlife of the Amazonian night.  Really far from the crowds and the noise.

It is made up of wooden bungalows in the middle of the jungle overlooking the Tupana River. Its rooms are comfortable, spacious and overlooking the jungle, where you can enjoy nature and completely disconnect from urban life.

Avatar Amazon Lodge in Santa Teresa

One of the things to do in the city of Iquitos is to stay here. It’s one of the best gateways to the Amazon jungle and the best place to enjoy the activities and experiences of the jungle excursions in Iquitos.

Hidden in the Amazon jungle to fully connect with the nature of the jungle is formed by thatched constructions and a rural style interior. There you will be able to taste the most typical and homemade gastronomy.  All this together with great comforts focused on the greater well-being of the tourist, with a swimming pool and all type of services.

Besides enjoying the wonders of the jungle, you have the possibility of practising sports such as canoeing or even getting to know how some of the nearby indigenous communities live.

Views of the Avator Amazon jungle from the river

Jacamar Lodge Expedition

On the banks of the Yanayacu River in Santa Cruz, Peru, this lodge offers a variety of jungle activities.

It is built with rustic materials and is totally respectful of the environment. It also has a communal terrace with hammocks overlooking the river offering unique views of the jungle. A place where you can experience the jungle and come into contact with its trees, animals and rivers. Don’t miss it if you travel to Peru.

Camping in the Amazonian night

Another adventure you can enjoy, although always organised by the guides in the area and the hotels you stay in, is camping in the jungle.

Setting up a campsite in a safe area, placing hammocks with mosquito nets attached to the trees is a unique experience. In addition, you can catch your own dinner and cook it on a bonfire on the shore while enjoying the colours of the sun as it sets over the jungle.

group of people doing a bonfire in the rainforest

These are some of the amazing options you can find in the Amazon rainforest to sleep and experience the wild night in this great piece of land. All you have to do is pack your suitcase and enjoy the jungle.

Which one has caught your attention the most?? We want to try them all!


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