Where to buy an international travel eSIM for roaming abroad

eSIMs are the newest technology changing how we travel.

In the past, if you wanted to connect to the internet abroad, you had to pay for data roaming.

You probably know that turning on data roaming from your current provider could lead to a surprise phone bill when you return (some travelers ended up paying hundreds or thousands of dollars.

An eSIM (a virtual SIM card) allows you to avoid those charges. As we explained here, an eSIM allows you to connect to the internet just by scanning a QR code.

Now let’s find out where you can buy an eSIM for international roaming.

How to buy an eSIM for international roaming

eSIM for travel

eSIMs are virtual products, so the whole purchase process is online.

Websites can sell eSIMs for international travel by offering you a QR code – that’s the only thing you need to set up and use the eSIM.

Where can I buy an eSIM?

You might be able to buy an eSIM directly from a provider like Orange or Vodafone. But this would also mean getting involved in a longer-term contract – not what you need for a short trip away.

The best option is to buy from a store that knows what you need. That means a store for travelers.

Holafly is an online shop that offers eSIMs for travel. So if you want to get online when you’re abroad, you just need a Holafly QR code.

Holafly takes away all the usual troubles of connecting to the internet abroad – you don’t need to sign a contract or spend hours searching for a shop. Just buy the QR code from their website and you’ll enjoy super fast internet access.

And you can do this all in just five minutes.

Let’s learn more.

Holafly: our recommended option for an eSIM for travel

using a holafly esim rural

We rank Holafly as the best eSIM provider. Here’s why:

  • 24/7 customer support – if you lose internet during your trip, you don’t need to worry. Holafly has a dedicated team who will tell you how to get your eSIM working again
  • Multi-country options – with a Holafly eSIM, you can access the internet across several countries, saving you from having to spend more each time you visit a new country
  • Keep your WhatsApp number – you’ll have access to all your current contacts and conversations even with a new SIM card
  • Share data between devices – share data with your travel companions so everyone stays connected
  • Easy to use – it’s simple to set up a Holafly eSIM, but if you have any problems just contact their 24-hour customer support team

Where can I go with an international eSIM

eSIMs allow you to travel to one or more countries with fast, 4G internet connection.

Holafly offers eSIMs for more than 60 countries.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular destinations:

United States

holafly usa

  • Fast internet connection from AT&T, perfect for your trip to the US
  • Reduced price so you don’t have to break the bank to get online
  • The best option for a trip to Miami, New York or any other part of the USA


holafly turkey


holafly europe

  • 40 destinations with one eSIM – and all for the price of one!
  • Connect to the best internet provider in each destination
  • Options for up to a month, so you’re covered your whole trip

Discover all 60+ destinations at Holafly’s online store.


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