Benefits in the world when we do sustainable tourism

sustainable tourism benefits

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Are you responsible enough when you travel? Are you aware of the importance of sustainable tourism?

As we explained in our post on how to be a responsible tourist and make a sustainable tourism, there are many actions you can do when you travel to positively influence the environment, economy, and society of the places you visit.

The impact of sustainable tourism can greatly help the development of the regions you choose to visit. Therefore, we are going to explain all the benefits of sustainable tourism to convince you that it is the best thing to do.

Benefits of sustainable tourism

  1. Minimizes environmental impact
  2. Through the optimal use of environmental resources, we seek to have a minimum environmental impact when we travel. This is why, for example, the use of public transportation or hiking trails such as the Inca Trail or the Salkantay Trek to reach Machu Picchu is always recommended.

    people with trekking poles in the mountains peru

  3. Preserves the ecosystem
  4. Also, respecting nature and animals, it contributes to the conservation of the ecosystem. This is the case of the trekking through Torres del Paine where local agencies develop strategies to conserve the species of the area.

  5. Integration of local communities
  6. On the other hand, with sustainable tourism, we seek to integrate the local communities of the area we visit into these tourism activities. A great example of integration is the Iquitos Jungle. There, the locals take advantage of the stunning Peruvian Amazon to add value to their region.

    local guide iquitos

  7. Rural areas
  8. Yes, it boosts rural areas, where they benefit directly and indirectly from this economic boost. Places like El Calafate, are greatly benefited by the interest of travelers to do the minitrekking on the Perito Moreno Glacier. This is why they can focus their economy on this economic activity.

  9. Heritage preservation
  10. As a result of sustainable tourism, the conservation of archaeological sites is promoted, and any construction that is of historical importance for travelers and locals. Without any doubt, both the indigenous communities of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and any adventurer who wants to do the trekking to the Lost City of Colombia, benefit from this mutual care.

    heritage conservation is a benefit of sustainable tourism

  11. Construction of community places
  12. Thanks to sustainable tourism, part of the profits are allocated to the construction of works of community interest. Schools, medical centers, sports facilities, cultural centers…

  13. Promotes local cultures
  14. What is more, promotes and values local, regional and national cultural manifestations. Traditional markets such as the Chinchero Market in the tour to Maras and Moray are a clear example of craftsmanship that continues to be preserved through sustainable tourism.

    peru traditional market stalls in ollantaytambo

  15. Infrastructure improvement
  16. In the case of Torres del Paine National Park. With the money raised in those early years from hikers curious to discover this place, the facilities and infrastructure of the O Circuit Torres del Paine shelters were improved to continue attracting more travelers.

    torres paine lodge with mountain in the background as a benefit of sustainable tourism

  17. Economic and social improvement of the quality of life
  18. Improves the quality of life of the local population, both economically and socio-culturally. The local population is enriched by the travelers, who bring them income, as well as cultural aspects that they would not otherwise have been able to experience.

  19. Promotes the creation of businesses
  20. Promotes the creation and development of local tourism businesses, along with other services associated with this economic activity, such as restaurants, local businesses, etc. Through them you can learn first-hand, for instance, the typical Latin American gastronomy.

  21. Local employment generator
  22. Some data says that for every direct job created, three indirect jobs are created. From Howlanders we always support hiring a local guide to conduct the tours, helping the development of employment in the area.

    local guide in activity in iquitos to generate local employment and sustainable tourism

  23. Powering the local economy
  24. Distributing this income among all local actors. This helps to reduce poverty in places where there was no possibility of economic development in other ways before.

  25. Boosting local use
  26. Everything has an influence. If you consume local and natural products from the area, you collaborate in the economic development and improve the quality of life of the locals.

What do you think of all these benefits of sustainable tourism for local populations? Do you think that we are helping the development of these areas? Do you have any other ideas to improve sustainable tourism?

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