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refugio chileno torres del paine

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Refugio Chileno is a small refuge and campsite that stands out for its location, as it is located halfway between the Base Torres Lookout and Refugio Central, making it very interesting for those who want to get to the Torres del Paine Lookout before.

This refuge is not normally included in the W Trek, as the Central Refuge is usually preferred. However, you can include it in your tour, you just have to request it when you make the reservation. If you include it, this will be the refuge you will use on your first or second day of trekking, one of the most demanding but also the most rewarding of the whole circuit. I have just finished the Torres del Paine trek and in this article I will tell you what the Chilean refuge is like and my opinion about it.

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The Chileno refuge has a terrace and a bar that are often used by those who, although not staying at the refuge, want to stop along the way, either before or after the ascent to the Mirador. Note that, if you are passing through and are not staying, the bathrooms are paid (symbolic price).

It is interesting to note the number of horses that you will find around the refuge, as they are used for different rides, as well as to carry supplies.

The presence of horses in this area is possible because it is not part of Torres del Paine National Park, but is within the boundaries of the private conservation area Cerro Torre. Therefore, the environmental management of the area is not subject to CONAF regulations, which does not mean, by any means, that great conservation efforts are not being made.

outside refugio chileno

Dining room

It has a restaurant and bar, where breakfast and dinner are also served in its pleasant glassed-in dining room with views.

dining room refugio chileno

Lodging areas

Refugio Chileno has several areas for lodging:

  • The refuge itself with 3-bunk rooms.
  • The camping area, equipped with tents already set up. These tents are placed on high wooden platforms that overcome the unevenness of the slope and insulate from the ground. They include a sleeping bag resistant to low temperatures and a tatami.
  • A free camping area. This option is available in all shelters.
rooms refugio chileno
bunk rooms

camping area refugio chileno
Camping area with tents already set up

Camping areas

The common areas for campers, located under the same structure, have a kiosk, restrooms and showers with hot water (certain hours).

bathrooms for campers refugio chileno
Toilets for campers

Extra info: The only drawback to keep in mind in this area of Torres del Paine Park, is that there is no kitchen for campers and due to the high risk of fires it is forbidden to use cookers or camping gas. Hot water can be provided at the refuge itself to prepare something to eat and drink.

Exteriors of the Refugio Chileno

The outdoor area of the Chileno shelter has tables with wooden benches and an outdoor tap to refill water bottles.

Thanks to its location, it has Wi-fi with different rates and schedules.

Opinion of the Chileno refuge

In our opinion, it is a shelter that can be interesting because of its location, and being a small shelter it is more cozy. However, on the other hand, you will renounce to the services and comforts of Central refuge, which is the refuge commonly used by more travelers, instead of Chileno.

torres del painde lodging


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