What to bring to Lost City: the best backpack

Two trekking backpacks on a rocky surface

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Traveling to Colombia is discovering a new world, well or not so new because precisely the most ancient cities in Colombia are already a few years old. The point, Colombia offers an immensity of mind-blowing landscapes to visit and our main recommendation is the mystical Lost City and so we are going to tell you what to bring in your backpack to enjoy the jungle.

Actually what to bring to Lost City overlaps with many of the things to bring to the jungle, in general, but let’s focus on the trekking to Lost City Santa Marta to tell you about its features so you can pack your suitcase more accurately. Let’s get to business!

A backpack of the right size

Remember that you will have to carry it all day long, that you will be inseparable and that if you carry a lot of weight it can get complicated. With a 30-liter backpack is more than enough, it will be your faithful companion during your trips in Colombia!

Backpacking in front of nature

Clothing: neither too much nor too little

Do not overdo it or underdo it. In your passage through Lost City in Colombia do not count on washing clothes in each accommodation because there is a lot of humidity and will not finish drying. We also do not say that you wear clothes in excess, and you can repeat pants, that mosquitoes do not judge anyone. Wear the T-shirt two days… maybe it’s not a good idea. In short:

  • A pant for every other day.
  • One T-shirt per day.
  • Underwear and socks per day and with some spare more.

Our recommendation is to wear long but cool clothes to prevent mosquitoes from feasting. It’s very hot and we understand that you might be tempted to wear shorts, bring one of each and give it a try! A great idea is to wear modular pants, yes, the ones with zipper at the knee. When it comes to crossing rivers, it comes in handy.

Important! Speaking of rivers, you can imagine that there will be a swim and it’s better if you bring a swimsuit and towel. Did you think it was necessary to visit Punta Gallinas to enjoy a dip? The best option is to bring a microfiber towel that dries in no time, takes up less space and can also be used for showers.

Water flowing through river rocks in Lost City

You might miss us talking about the raincoat, but if it rains in Lost City in Colombia, it rains a lot. This means that you’re going to get wet anyway, so you’d better invest that space in, for example, carrying a thin sleeping bag that separates you from the surface where many people have been sleeping. There are plenty of blankets!

Trekking shoes

At this point we do not consider it necessary to remind you, but we do it anyway. Almost more important than clothing is footwear, and there is no better footwear for a trekking in the jungle of South America than a pair of trekking shoes, as the name suggests. And if they are waterproof, so much the better.

Close-up of a trekking boot in the wilderness: what to bring to Lost City

Don’t forget to bring sandals. No kidding, don’t think we’re pulling your leg. On the trek to Lost City in Santa Marta you will encounter the Buritaca River and you will have to cross it. If you cross it with your trekking shoes, no matter how waterproof they are, if you put your foot in the river they will get wet, and with the humidity, who knows when they will dry.

Objects of value

You have to be careful about water, humidity and such things because you only have to worry about pirates if you decide to travel to Isla del Pirata, but you can’t forget your camera. Just keep in mind that there are no electrical outlets and you’ll need to bring a portable battery. Our recommendation is that you put your cell phone on airplane mode, you’re in Lost City, who will find you?

Accommodation in Lost City

To protect these precious items we suggest you bring plastic bags with airtight closure, but remember that they go and come back with you because you can reuse them for another occasion, don’t mess around! And you can also put your clothes in these bags, not only to organize, but also to protect them from humidity.


In the middle of nature it is a better idea to fill your own flask than to buy one every day. We will not judge you if you decide to buy bottled water because the water from the reservoirs, even if it is treated, maybe does not sit very well to your urbanite stomach. But come on, nothing would have to happen.

Ancient flask on a white surface: what to bring to Lost City

Toilet bag

Apart from taking the basics of all trips, it is interesting to bring insect repellent and sunscreen. And for extra care you can combine it with a hat or cap and sunglasses. You also have to take into account that you are going to walk many hours and that sometimes your feet say enough is enough. For these situations: adhesives for blisters.

It is not superfluous to carry some pills in case you get a headache or anti-diarrhea pills to avoid uncomfortable situations for everyone. It’s better to have them and not use them than not to have them and need them, do you agree?

Before we say goodbye, we can’t forget the most important thing: a pillow. What? It’s not that you have to bring the pillow from home to Lost City in Colombia, but the pillow you take on the plane will do just fine. We tell you this because you may have to sleep in a hammock and a pillow gives it a little more glamour. Are you convinced by this advice?


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