The best tattoos for a real traveler

world travel tattoo on arm in black and white

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We do not know if it is a fashion thing, trend, or art, but more and more people decide to tattoo their skin. What we do know is that these drawings or caricatures represent the deepest part of each person and often speak without saying anything.

The reasons for making the decision to get a tattoo are commonly related to family, friends, important dates or experiences that mark your life. And if there is one thing that can mark you deeply in this life, it is traveling.

Each trip shows you new people, gastronomy, customs, festivals, unimaginable places, and a different perspective of seeing life. That is why, more and more people decide to get a tattoo dedicated to their great passion, exploring new countries.

Do you consider yourself a great experienced traveler? An adventurous nomad? What if your most important souvenir of your trip is a tattoo? Get ready to see the most original and inspiring travel tattoos that are going to make you can’t resist getting one on your next trip.

Mark a direction in your life

Everyone has had a difficult time in their lives. Traveling and setting new challenges and destinations helps us find ourselves. These tattoos mark both a order, as well as an adventurous spirit that encourages to move and keep getting to know new territories and cultures.

travel tattoo of a compass in a guy back in the water

compass tattoo on the arm

A whole world to discover

You just did a Machu Picchu trip and you can’t stop thinking about your new Torres del Paine trip…. This tattoo is perfect for addicts of constant exploration of new destinations. The right tattoo for those who will not stop until they visit the whole world.

globe travel tattoo on a boy abdomen in black and white

Photo: @fedornozdrin

travel tattoo of the world with colored points

Photo: @ziv_tattooer

Travel tattoos for lovers of a destination

Everyone can feel a major attachment to a specific destination, culture or landscape. Can you imagine getting a souvenir tattoo of your trip to the Uyuni Salt Flat? Or of one of your trekking routes in Latin America?

No doubt, we think it’s a great idea. Also, you can get a tattoo of all Latin America in general, so you don’t leave any place behind, as is the case of the following tattoo.

tattoos with destinations

Minimalist travel tattoos

You travel every year to extraordinary and extremely different places from each other. This tattoo makes clear your minimalist side, as well as your adventurous side, to visit as many places as possible and discover new stories and new cultures.

minimalist tattoo of a plane around the world

Photo: @viajantelivre

Nature in its purest form

All your activities, in every destination you visit, are related to nature. This tattoo represents all the admiration towards the Pachamama (Mother Earth). We depend on her at every moment and we sway on her comings and goings of her changes.

tattoo deer in nature

Photo: @kozo_tattoo

travel tattoo black and white of the nature

Photo: @slawek_pawlik

Color your trips

If you want to give an optimistic and dreamy touch to your tattoo, we recommend adding color. It will show your positive side to the world of travel and new experiences. As the tattoo says, Just go and enjoy all the things you have left to discover in your next trips.

foot tattoo with the world map colored

Photo: @viajantelivre


Finally, if you are a true traveler you should know what is Wanderlust. This term means exactly “wanderlust”, which in correct English translation means passion for traveling. This new current of Wanderlust spirit has also moved to the world of travel tattoos, and therefore, we could not end this post without showing you a magnificent example of it.

wanderlust travel tattoo and a colored bag

Photo: @lydiatattoos

Even if you still don’t know what you want the drawing to look like, the most important thing is that you feel represented in it, that it speaks of you, and all the experiences that your travels will bring you.


Lily is happy with a backpack on her back. Every year she travels through one country in Latin America and has repeated several times, especially Peru where she says she feels at home (although she says the same about Argentina, Chile and Bolivia).

She loves ceviche, hiking and Sunday picnics with her friends, although whenever you ask her, she's always planning her next destination.

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