Water activities in Latin America: kayak, snorkel and thermal baths

Woman in kayak in a glacier lake

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You know that water is a precious commodity, the most precious commodity we dare say. It represents more than 70% of the planet, so why is it called our planet Earth and not Water? Good question! We’ll let you think about the answer, while we celebrate World Water Day by compiling the best water activities in Latin America.


Iguazu Falls

Before anything else, would you like a couple of tips on your trip to Iguazu Falls? Protect your camera and hold your breath when you’re inside them! The boat goes right into the waterfalls and that sensation can’t be compared to any other, rest assured.

Iguazu Falls border Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. The sound of the water rushing down complements all the sounds around you, which will make your whole body vibrate and shudder. Visiting the Iguazu Falls is visiting one of the most impressive waterfalls in South America. Don’t think twice about it!

Iguazu Falls from Argentina

Doing the minitrekking Perito Moreno is a tempting option, but there is also an option to discover in a very special way the highest ice wall in America. How? By kayaking kayaking on the Perito Moreno Glacier on Argentinian Lake, one of the largest lakes in South America.


Grey Glacier

Kayaking Grey Glacier is a very good option if you want to get to know the glacier in the most exciting way. Get ready to paddle for two and a half hours around the glacier and learn about the Torres del Paine National Park and the Grey Glacier in Puerto Natales.

Termas de Puritama

From sailing on the cold Grey glacier to a warm bath in the Termas de Puritama. From the Andes Mountains to Termas de Puritama, water increases in temperature due to the contact with volcanic materials. These hot springs in Latin America rise to the surface in Puritama river creating eight natural pools. You’ll want to bathe in them all!

People swimming in Termas de Puritama

Laguna Cejar

Also in San Pedro de Atacama you can tour Laguna Cejar, the Ojos del Salar and Laguna Tebernique. Don’t forget your swimsuit and dive into Laguna Cejar waters and enjoy an unforgettable floating experience without having to make any effort. Laguna Cejar is saltier than the Dead Sea!

People swimming in Laguna Cejar

Tatio Geysers

You won’t believe it, but we still have one more plan for you on the red planet: there are many things to see in San Pedro de Atacama! If enjoying a dip in Termas de Puritama hot waters had seemed like a good plan, wait until you hear about the Tatio Geysers.

At the third largest group of geysers in the world you can observe from nearby the incredible steam eruptions and also take a dip in a pool with water from the geyser. Are you up for it?

People behind Tatio Geyser steam


Galapagos Islands

Taking in Galapagos Islands involves snorkeling and other water activities to discover fish, starfish, sea urchins, and even beautiful sharks swimming around. It also involves swimming in Turtle Bay and even kayaking. So many things to do in Galapagos Islands!

Boy diving in Galapagos Islands


Sacred cenotes

The history of cenotes in Yucatan is really interesting, but seeing them is even more so. Cenotes are natural lagoons formed by the weathering of limestone over millions of years. The result is subway caves and caverns that have been filling with water due to the filtration of precipitation.

The cenotes were places worshipped by Mayas and where religious ceremonies that included human sacrifices were held. Nowadays they are tourist destinations where you can enjoy a bath in crystalline waters. The most famous are like large open water pools, such as the Chichen Itza cenote.

Sacred cenote in Chichen Itza

Sian Ka’an

The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is the largest reserve in the Yucatan Peninsula. It includes beaches, dunes, cenotes, coral reefs and tropical rainforest. The beaches of Sian Ka’an are pristine and much less crowded than those of the Riviera Maya. Bathing in such a paradisiacal environment, doing water activities and feeling the connection with nature is incredible.

If you think you’re going to visit Sian Ka’an to stay on the surface, you’re wrong. You can’t miss dive into the sea and meet many of the animals of Sian Ka’an. The crystal clear water of the sea and the magnitude of its depths, make this a truly special moment that you will remember forever.


Amazon river

A real adventure is to get into and do the Amazon River route. You can start in the city of Iquitos in Peru. After touring the Iquitos jungle it is a good time to continue discovering the Amazon through the world’s largest body of water.

Amazon river on fluvial route

The route we propose from Peru to Brazil passes through 5 of the most important cities and crosses some really impressive stretches. If you prefer, you can choose another starting point, but we recommend that you do it in its entirety. Do you dare to start at the beginning?

Lake Titicaca

And from the largest river we go to the highest navigable lake in the world, which is 3.812 meters above sea level. What a level! Touring Lake Titicaca involves visiting the famous floating islands of the Uros, but also visiting the Taquile and Amantaní Islands. Lake Titicaca gives life to more than 40 islands, so there is actually a lot more to see.

Lake Titicaca Peru

Viracocha god emerged from the lake taking some humans with him and commanded the sun, moon and stars to rise. Viracocha created more humans out of stone and then told them to populate the world. There is more than one legend of Lake Titicaca, find them all out!

How amazing is the water, all its shapes and colors! To snorkel, sail, swim or simply contemplate. Any of the water activities to enjoy water in nature is a perfect choice. And remember, to keep them as they are you have to take care of them. It’s time to learn about sustainable tourism! Are you in?


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