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Chile is one of the favorite destinations in South America and no wonder. Its landscapes are incredible in the north, south, east or west of the country. Today we come to tell you about Torres del Paine, a destination that is sure to be on your list. You will know that there is not just one single tour option, so pay attention to find out which of the tours in Torres del Paine suits you.

Different tours in Torres del Paine

In Torres del Paine National Park there are many options adjusted to different travelers in terms of duration, time of year or level of difficulty, among others. All these excursions revolve around two main circuits: the W Trek and the O Circuit. We are going to tell you about all the routes that you can do in each of the two circuits so that you can make your decision taking into account the differences between the two main tours in Torres del Paine. Let’s get to it!

Esquema del W Trek y O Circuit

W Trek options in Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine W Trek

The W Trek is the most popular tour in Torres del Paine, it is the classic. This tour is in the shape of a W and covers 80 kilometers of extension that are traveled self-guided. The duration of the Torres del Paine W Trek is 5 days, during which you can visit the Grey Glacier, Lake Pehoe, the French Valley and many other places that will leave you speechless.

Guided W Trek

Although the trail is marked, the route imposes and if this scares you, you should know that there is the option of doing the Guided W Trek with other adventurers and under the supervision and guidance of an expert who will discover the curiosities of the place. The important thing is to enjoy the Torres del Paine experience.

Winter W Trek

Here comes a piece of news that may surprise you: you can do this tour in Torres del Paine in winter. There are some sections in this season that are closed for obvious reasons, but the Winter W Trek is an unbeatable option for lovers of cold and challenges, what a chill! The duration is also 5 days and the route is 80 kilometers. Do you already know when to go to Torres del Paine?

Base Torres viewpoint with snow in winter

Guided W Trek Alternative

An alternative way? Marching! Adventure runs through our veins and through yours we know it does too. We propose the Guided W Trek Alternative because there is an unknown route in Torres del Paine National Park and we want you to know about it.

This 5-day route brings you closer to the imposing granite towers that give the park its name from another perspective. You will be able to walk alongside the impressive Cuernos del Paine and be amazed by the little-known Bader Valley of Torres del Paine, accompanied by a professional mountain guide.

If you are liking the idea, read on, but also because you might change your mind. This route offers a choice of complementary activities: horseback riding on the shores of Lake Nordenskjöld or rock climbing at Puma Cave and Kayak Lake Grey or a Hike on it.

Woman in kayak in a glacier lake

W Trek Torres del Paine Hotel Experience

Take a look to this proposal we have because you will like it. How can we be sure about it? Because it is an all-inclusive 5-day tour in Torres del Paine to walk the trails of the classic W Circuit. And this is not the best part. The best part is that you will be able to enjoy a comfortable hotel room each night in Las Torres Hotel.

You will have to choose the Torres del Paine full-day guided trip you want to do each day: Trekking Base Torres, Trekking Valle Francés, and Trekking to Mirador Grey. Deciding the order of the excursions will be the only thing you could worry about because in a full-day excursion format you will not have to carry your backpack. It is time to enjoy!

W Trek Express

Do you like challenges? Here you have the W Trek Express. With no introductions or minutes to lose from day one you venture into the heart of Torres del Paine National Park. This option has the same route as the W Trek, but has 1 day less: 80 kilometers in 4 days, it is possible!

W Trek 4 days Private Experience

If to compensate for the effort of 4 days of intensity you want to sleep the 3 nights comfortably in a hotel room or in your private tent, after enjoying a delicious dinner, your option is the W Trek 4 days Private Experience. What better way to end a day of trekking?

Room in Hotel Las Torres in Torres de Paine

Torres del Paine by car Camping Experience

If to everything you have in the W Trek 4 days Private Experience you add a car to enjoy driving and get to the beginning of each of the sectors that make up the classic W, what you have is the Torres del Paine by car Camping Experience. Don’t you think it’s amazing to be your own guide?

O Circuit Torres del Paine

The W Trek or the O Circuit Torres del Paine? Obviously we can’t make the decision for you. The difficulty of Torres del Paine treks is not always the same, and it will be this that will help you decide. Like the W Trek, the O Circuit owes its name to the shape of its route, which is more extensive and reaches 130 kilometers divided into 8 days.

As the route is longer, the Torres del Paine O Circuit includes several more places to visit than the W Trek. These are Lake Dickson, Los Perros Glacier and John Gardner Pass. Undoubtedly, the main difference between the O and W Circuits is the level of demand.

Lake Dickson with a snow-capped mountain in the background

Visiting Torres del Paine in 1 day

Don’t want to spend so many days in the mountains? If you are not convinced by the idea of doing these intense hikes so close together, and you prefer to do things your own way, don’t worry, we are ready for you. There are many options to enjoy these circuits in a more relaxed and even economical way. You can tailor this experience to your needs by doing several one-day tours.

Base Torres del Paine hike

After the storm comes the calm, and after the O Circuit we bring you the Base Torres del Paine hike. If you’re tired of just reading about the O Circuit and the W Trek you have the option of enjoying the views from Base Torres viewpoint. Not that it’s a piece of cake, and don’t think there’s an elevator that takes you from 90 masl to 870 masl. It’s 20 kilometers and 8 hours of trekking.

Base Torres del Paine viewpoint

Full day tour Torres del Paine

If you found the Torres del Paine Base Trek accessible, wait until you hear about the Full day tour Torres del Paine. This is the best way to get to know the different areas of the park without having to make a great physical effort. More concretely: the walking tour is 5 kilometers with little slope, which is equivalent to about 40 minutes.

You will visit the Mirador Lago Sarmiento, Mirador a la Laguna Amarga from where you can see the Torres del Paine and Mirador al Lago Noderhold. In the Full day tour Torres del Paine you will also see the Cascadas Salto Grande, the Lengas forest and Lake Pehoe.

Glacier Grey Boat Tour from Puerto Natales

If you are looking to complete your Full Day Tour, the Glacier Grey Boat Tour from Puerto Natales is your way to go, add to it a 3-hour Grey Lake navigation. You will discover a different perspective of the park and enjoy the blue icebergs that contrast with the gray water of the glacier.

French Valley Hike in Torres del Paine

Let’s turn up the intensity again, we will complete another phase of the W circuit. In the French Valley Trek in Torres del Paine, we will climb the central axis of the W circuit in a 20 kilometers hike. We assure you that the three-hour climb will be well worth it when you reach the viewpoint.

Mirador Glacier Grey

Finish the W circuit, crowning the last viewpoint. The last thing we have left is the trekking to the Mirador Glacier Grey, a 26 kilometers route. Luckily we leave the best for last, although the route seems long, we will walk along the Grey Lake, avoiding a large slope. The landscape of the glacier is impressive!

Ice Hike Grey Glacier

After the last walk, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to explore the glacier more closely. The Ice Hike Grey Glacier offers you two different options to get to know the glacier and Nunatak Island. The 3-hour hike will take you around the island to get closer to Grey Glacier, but in the extended 5-hour version, you’ll get to walk on the ice. Watch out for slips!

You have seen that there is no excuse not to visit Torres del Paine. There’s a perfect option for you, whether you have 8, 5, 4 or 1 day available, in winter or summer, whether you feel like walking or not. Whatever it is, it will be an unforgettable experience. Do you already know which option to choose?


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