8 hidden places in Chile that you can’t miss

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Many times when we are going to travel we focus on the most touristic places and leave aside many others because we simply do not even know they exist. We don’t want the same thing to happen to you that happens to most people and for that reason we are going to tell you about the hidden places in Chile that you will not imagine that you can find on your trip, incredible places that you have to see.

We know that you have already informed yourself about what trekking in Torres del Paine to do, it is a classic. Quite possibly you’ve also thought about touring San Pedro de Atacama and even visiting the Salar de Uyuni. All of that is great, but we insist that Chile doesn’t end here. Discover all the options!

Navarino Island

In southern Chile, just south of the Beagle Channel is Navarino Island, famous for having the southernmost trekking trails in the world. A large part of its surface is occupied by Dientes de Navarino, a set of mountains that, together with the lakes and natural landscapes of the island, are becoming the new Torres del Paine.

Dientes de Navarino in Navarino Island Chile

Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers

We know you’re going to visit Perito Moreno, but then don’t forget to visit the two most impressive glaciers in Chile: Balmaceda and Serrano. These glaciers are only accessible by navigating through the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, the largest in Chile. Get ready to photograph the maximum expression of the wildest and most untouched Patagonia.

Cocham贸 Valley

Valdivian rainforest and huge granite massifs, this is the perfect place for climbing and trekking fans. La Junta is the name given to the most popular and crowded sector of the valley, where rock climbers, hikers and sport fishermen converge.

Mountains in Cocham贸 Valley

Itata Valley

There’s a spectacular waterfall that is quite known at the moment and that falls with force for 75 meters. It is surrounded by abundant vegetation with shrubs and wild flowers surrounding the place. In early 2015 they started to build around it the necessary infrastructure to attract more people, so the time to visit it is now.

Caj贸n del Maipo

Caj贸n del Maipo is one of the hidden places in Chile that you have no excuse to miss because it hides many surprises very close to the capital. Among them we highlight Termas del Plomo, natural pools located at 2,900 meters above sea level, and whose waters come from the San Jos茅 Volcano. Enjoying a hot water bath in the heart of the Andes Mountains is an incomparable pleasure.

Caj贸n del Maipo in Chile

Tara Salt Flat

It is close to San Pedro de Atacama and despite this, Tara Salt Flat passes unnoticed by most tourists. It’s a shame because the gigantic stone columns sculpted by erosion, its lagoons full of flamingos, and the desert landscape with volcanoes towering on the horizon, make this place a wonderful space worthy of admiration.

Surire Salt Flat

We know you’ve liked what you’ve heard about the Salar de Tara, but you’ve also heard about the Termas del Plomo and don’t know what to do. In the Las Vicu帽as National Reserve, you’ll find the Surire Salt Flat, whose stunning landscapes protect flamingos, vicu帽as and rheas. Wait there’s more, a few minutes away are also the amazing Termas Polloquere, which have managed to stay away from urbanization.

Surire Salt Flat in Chile


Cifuncho is a huge beach, located 30 kilometers south of Taltal. There is no urbanization, you will not find soft white sand, not even services for tourists. So? You can enjoy the solitude of the desert, before it becomes the region’s new summer destination. You like the idea?

We won’t fool you, these are not the only hidden places in Chile that you can visit. There are many places that do not appear in the guidebooks and that most travelers remain undiscovered. These 8 destinations are a good start, but if you like adventure and are moved by the adventurous spirit, ask the locals. Aren’t you eager to hear their answers?


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